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The other face on Mars

          The other Mars face

The Martyan Chronicles fuses my name with the title of Ray Bradbury’s 1950’s compilation of short SF stories; “The Martian Chronicles.

I also used to publish “The Coffee Chronicles”, a small, print media, cafe-distributed publication in the city of New Westminster back in the 90’s.  Back then the term “Chronicle” (singular) was the proper use of the word and the plural variant was scarcely found.

Search engine crawlers prefer it if a blogger declares the primary subject for their blog, hence;  DECLARATION:  “No idea!  Stuff for sure!

I’ll no doubt make reference to Edgar Cayce from time to time.  At this time (Nov. 2013) I’m a Director of the board of Edgar Cayce Canada as well as on the Council of The Vancouver Metaphysical Network.  Back when I was creating The Coffee Chronicles I remember stating privately to a business associate that “I have my spiritual side”.   She responded “Do you ever!”   I had previously been under the impression that my publication had been more mainstream and secular.  My spirituality will, no doubt, permeate the content.

For the last several years I’ve been selling collectibles online but passive income from a 13-year-old web page is showing signs of taking over currently generating about $1500/month.  The website now attracting revenue was initially, in 2000, titled Heaven-now.net undertaking to create Heaven in cyberspace.

There’s a reasonable possibility that this blog will undertake to make the Universe more Heaven-like.

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    1. Hala…lujah!

      You’re my first. There will never be another first. You’re the one.

      It looks like yours is the first non-spam comment on my blog.

      Thank-you for your kind words.

      It appears that you’ve visited my Virtually Heaven web site as well.

  1. Hello Marty
    I am Jack Campbells daughter my mother carole would like to get in touch with you i just showed her your article about Jack she has tried the address but it is not working.
    Is there a way she can contact you

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