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This is to let my blog readers know that ever since starting the Systemagic Motives Facebook Page my writing muse has been vented in the daily positive word bites posted there weekdays. Thoughts previously devoted to thinking about writing in a blog format are being preempted by the undertaking to post a positive language-based thought every day.

Today’s post was larger than most:

“I previously wrote about the Organizational Behavior maxim which states that some compliments to employees will magically become true the moment that you utter them even if they weren’t true when you started to speak. These are compliments about work quality and autonomy. What other of the thousands of positive adjectives available would manifest in employees if only simply uttered by management?

It’s just like the old Jedi mind control trick.

This web page makes giving these compliments easy….”

The humanoids that you’re looking for are there for the price of treating them respectfully and optimistically.

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To the World’s Police

To the World’s Police; secret services and Big Brothers of our thoughts:

Know the law.

In being the world’s police a certain amount of righteousness is presumed to be inherent.

Integrity is an individual matter (with God) and Intent is everything.

Who protects our governments, and thereby the people, from corporate corruption? I would have expected the buck to stop with you. Who else?

When there even exist boiler rooms for party fundraising by legislators you know that politicians are valued for their relationship equity.

What compromises, such as assaults on natural resources, are made with these relationships?  Who governs who?  Who serves who?

If the Patriot Act, C-51, and all the other similar acts are intended to target in any way, the greatest immediate danger, then you need to know that the greatest terror is coming from the well-funded corporate direction.

See them now?



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Top 10 Positive Emotions: Gratitude, Joy, Serenity, Interest, Hope, Pride, Amusement , Inspiration, Awe, and Love.



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The following is often paraphrased as “Love Everyone but don’t be a Doormat.”

“9. These, then, should ever be.  But there is produced by same humbleness – not as has been in some instances in the entity’s self – not the lording of others.  For as He gave, who was, who is, who ever will be the manifestation of the Spirit – which is true psychic force – he that will be the greatest will be the servant of all.  Not necessarily being as a doormat, but ever willing, ever helpful – but to the glory of God, to the honour of self.  Not to the glory of self in any manner or way, but in humbleness preferring one another.” – Edgar Cayce 3541-1

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Sexy Romantic Adjectives

Romantic/Sexy Adjectives

The most loving words in the English language

Or try our

Child Safe Romantic Words

© 2013-2016 Systemagic Productions
  • Abiding, Abloom, Accommodating, Admirable, Admired, Adorable, Adored, Adoring, Affectionate, Ageless, Agile, Alaudine, All heart, Alluring, Amative, Amatory, Amazing, Ambrosial, Ambrosian, Amorous, Ample, Angelic, Animalistic, Aphrodisiacal,  Apollonian, Appealing, Appetizing, Aquiver, Ardent, Aroused, Arousing, Arresting, Attracted, Attractive, Atypical, Assurgent, Available, Avid.
  • Back-arching, Beauteous, Beautiful, Becoming, Bedazzling, Beloved, Best, Best-loved, Bewitching, Beyond compare, Binding, Blossomed, Blossoming, Blooming, Bodacious, Bonny, Bonzer, Bosomy, Bottomless, Brazen, Breathtaking, Brilliant, Buccal, Budding, Buff, Built, Bulging, Buoyant, Bursting, Busty, Buxom.
  • CallipygousCandescent, Canoodling, Captivating, Cared for, Caressible, Caressing, Caring, Carnal, Charmed, Charming, Cherished, Cherishing, Cherry, Chiseled, Choice, Choicest, Chosen, Climactic, Cocky, Columbine, Come-at-able, Come-hither, Comely, Coming, Co-mingling, Companionable, Compassionate, Compatible, Compelling, Complaisant, Concupiscent, Conjugate, Connected, Connective, Consensual, Consonant, Consummate, Convulsive, Coquettish, Courtly, Cozy, Coy, Crazy about, Creamy, Cuddlesome, Cuddly, Culminating, Curvaceous, Curvy, Cute.
  • Dapatical, Dapper, Darling, Dashing, Dazzling, Dear, Dearest, Debonair, Delicate, Delectable, Delicious, Delightful, Desired, Desirable, Desirous, Devoted, Dewy, Disarming, Divine, Doable, Doting, Dreamy,  Dulcet, Dynamite.
  • Eager, Easy, Ecstatic, Effervescent, Elastic, Elated, Elating, Electric, Electrifying, Elegant, Eligible, Emerging, Enamoured, Enamouring, Enchanted, Enchanting, Endeared, Endearing, Endowed, Energizing, Engaging, Engorged, Enjoyable, Enjoyed, Enlivened, Enlivening, Enough, Enrapturing, Enriching, Enthralling, Enthusiastic, Enticed, Enticing, Entrancing, Epigamic, Equal, Equipollent, Equipped, Erect, Erogenous, Erogenized, Erotic, Evocative, Eruptive, Exceptional, Excited, Exciting, Exhilarating, Expergefacient, Exploding, Exquisite, Exotic, Extraordinary, Eye-catching, Eyesome.
  • Fab, Fabulous, Fair, Fantastic, Fascinating, Favoured, Favourite, Feelgood, Feeling, Feline, Felt, Feminine, Fertile, Fervid, Fetching, Fiery, Filled, Filling, Fine, Finer, Finest, Firm, First-class, Fit, Five-star, Flavourful, Flavoursome, Flawless, Fleshy, Flexible, Flirtatious, Flirty, Flower-like, Flurried, Fond, Fondling,  Forbearing, Foxy, Frabjous, Frenzied, Fresh, Frisky, Frolicsome, Fuckable, Fulfilled, Fulfilling, Fulgent, Full, Fun.
  • Gallant, Game, Generous, Gamesome, Gelastic, Genetic, Gentle, Gentlemanly, Genuine, Getable, Get-at-able, Giving, Glabrous, Glamorous, Gleaming, Glistening, Glowing, Gnarly,   Goluptious, Goodhearted, Good-humoured, Good-looking, Gooshy, Gorgeous, Graceful, Gracile, Gracious, Gradely, Gratifying, Grinding, Gushing, Gushy, Guttural, Gymnastic.

  • Handsome, Hard, Harmonious, Haunting, Heartfelt, Heart-stopping, Heavenly, High-class, High quality, High-spirited, Honeyed, Honourable, Honoured, Horizontal, Horny, Hot, Huggy, Huggable, Hunky, Hypnotic.
  • Ideal, Illecebrous, Illimitable, Immeasurable, Impassioned, Impeccable, Impish, Impressive, Incomparable, Indomitable, Inebriating, Infatuated, Infatuating, In fine fettle (good spirits), Ineffable, Infinite, Ingoing, Inguinal, Inimitable, In my heart, Inseparable, Inspiriting, Interconnected, Intense, Interesting, Interfused, Interfusing, Intertwined, Intertwining, Intimate, Intoxicating, Intriguing, Invigorating, Inviting, Irrepressible, Irresistible.
  •  Jimp (Scot. and N. England), Joyous, Juicy, Junoesque.
  • Kind, Kind-hearted, Kinky, Kissable.
  • Ladylike, Laudable, Lautitious, Lepid, Liberating, Libertine, Libidinous, Lief, Lickable, Likable, Liked, Like-minded, Light, Limber, Lingual, Lissome, Lithe, Lithesome, Lovable, Loved, Lovely, Lovesick, Loving, Loyal, Lubricious, Lucky, Luscious, Lush, Lusty.

Positive Words That Describe Men

  • Mad about, Magical, Magistral, Magnetic, Magnificent, Major league, Malleable, Manly, Mannerly, Margaric, Margaritiferous, Marmorial, Masculine, Massagable, Masterful, Matchless, Maximal, Melded, Mellifluous, Melliloquent, Mellisonant, Memorable, Meracious, Mesmerizing, Miraculous, Mirthful, Mischievous, Moist, Most excellent, Mouthwatering, Moving, Multidimensional, Muscular, Mutual.
  • Natty, Natural, Naughty, Near to one’s heart, Necessary, Needed, Never-failing, Nice, Nifty, Nimble, Nippy, Nitid, Noctiflorous, Nonpareil, Nourishing, Nubigenous, Nubile, Number one, Numero uno, Nutty about, Nuts over.

Use these to describe an “Oh!”

  • Olympian, One, One and only, Oneiric, On-the-button, Ooshy, Oozing, Oozy, Open, Open-hearted, Open-minded, Optimal, Optimum, Oral, Orgasmic, Original, Oscular, Out-of-sight, Out-of-this-world, Outstanding, Overflowing, Overjoying.
  • Palpating, Palpitating, Paridisiacal, Participative, Participatory, Passionate, Peachy, Peach-like, Peachy keen, Pelvic, Perky, Pert, Partial, Penetrant, Penetrating,  Peregal, Perfect,  Perfervid, Permissive, Permeating, Personable, Personal, Pert, Petite, Phenomabomb (slang), Phenomenal, Pheromonal, Picked, Picturesque, Pillowy, Pink, Piquant, Playful, Pleasant, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Pliable, Plowing, Pluckable, Plum, Plummy, Plunging, Poetic, Polite, Pollent, Porcelain, Positive,  Pounding, Potent, Pouty, Powerful, Precious, Preferred, Prefulgent, Premium,  Prepossessing, Presenting, Pretty, Priceless, Prickly, Pricking, Primal, Prime, Primed,  Primo, Principled,   Pro,   Probative, Profulgent, Provocative, Prized, Prize-winning, Promising, Prurient,   Pulchritudinous, Pukka, Pulsating, Pulsing, Pukka, Pumped, Pumped up, Pumping, Pure.
  • Qualitative, Quality, Quintessential.
  • Racy, Rad, Radiant, Randy, Rapturous, Rare, Rascally, Rathe, Ravishing, Ready, Receptive, Recherché, Reciprocal, Redolent, Refreshing, Refulgent, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Reliable, Relished, Relishing, Remarkable, Reproductive, Respectable, Respected, Restorative, Reverberant, Revitalizing, Reviviscent, Rewarding, Rhapsodic, Right on, Risorial, Risqué, Robust, Rollicking, Romantic, Rosy, Roused, Rousing, Rutilant.
  • Salacious, Sanguine, Satisfied, Satisfying, Saturnalian, Saucy, Satiny, Savoury, Scented, Scintillant, Scintillated, Scintillating, Scintillescent,  Scrumptious, Sculpted, Second-to-none, Seductive, Select, selected, Sensate, Sensational, Sensuous, Sensual, Sentimental, Sensitive, Sexual, Sexy, Shapely, Shimmering, Shining, Shiny-eyed, Shipshape, Sightly, Silken, Silky, Sincere, Sinewy, Sinuous, Slamin’, Sleek, Slinky, Slippery, Smashing, Smiling, Smitten, Smooth, Snugly, Soft, Sonsy, Solacious, Solid gold, Something else, Sought, Spanking, Sparkling, Special, Spectacular, Spellbinding, Spicy, Spiffy, Spirited, Spiritual, Splendiferous, Splendorous, Spread, Sprightly, Spunky, Squeezy, Squirting, Squishy, Statuesque, Steamy, Stellar, Sterling, Sthenic, Stimulating, Stimulative, Stimulatory, Stirring, Strapping, Stunning, Striking, Stylish, Suave, Suaveolent,  Sublime, Succulent, Suckable, Sufficient, Suggestive, Suitable, Suited, Sultry, Sumptuous, Sunny, Super, Super-angelic, Superb, Super-duper, Super-excellent, Superior, Superlative, Supple, Supported, Supporting, Supportive, Supreme, Surpassing, Svelte, Swarthy, Swaying, Sweaty, Sweet, Sweet-smelling, Swell, Swirling, Sybaritic, Synergistic.
  • Tantalizing, Tasty, Teasing,  Tempean, Tempting, Tender, Terrific, There, Thoughtful, Thrilling, Throbbing, Thrusting, Thumping, Ticklish, Tight, Tip-top, Titillated, Titillating, Toe-curling, Toe-spreading, Toothsome, Totally-tubular, Tops, Top drawer, Topless, Touchable, Touching, Transcendent, Transnormal, Treasurable, Treasured, Tremendous, Trim, True, True-blue, Trusted, Trustworthy, Trusty, Tumescent, Twenty-four carat, Twitterpated, Twitterpating, Tympanic.

If I could change the alphabet I’d put U and I together.

  • Uncommon, Undulating, Unencumbered, Unfettered, Unified, Unifying, Unique, Unisonous, United, Uniting, Unlimited, Unparalleled, Unrivalled, Untarnished, Unsurpassed, Unusual, Unwithdrawing, Unzymotic, Up-and-coming, Upbuilding, Upcoming, Up Front, Uplifting, Upright, Upstanding, Upwardly, Uxorial.
  • Valuable, Valued, Vegete, Velvety, Venerated, Venust, Vernal, Versatile, Vibrant, Vigorous, Virile, Vital, Vitalizing, Vitative, Vivacious, Vivifying, Voluptuary, Voluptuous.
  • Wanted, Warm, Warm-hearted, Welcome, Welcoming, Well-built, Well-liked, Well-made, Well-proportioned, Well-received, Well-suited, Wet, Wild, Wild about, Wiggly, Whimsical, Whiz-bang, Wholehearted, Willing, Winning, Winsome, With it, Without equal, Wonderful, Wondrous, World class, Worthy, Wriggly, Writhing.
  • Yummy.
  • Zazzy, Zestful and Zesty.


There are Many More Personal Adjectives that could be romantic to the person who it befits.

Apache Thunderdrums


Great Love Poetry

Cuddly Word Search Puzzle     The Cuddly Chronicles

Funny Definitions                 Unlimited Love

Euphemisms for Sexual Intercouse

Positive (Normally Good) Nouns that Describe a Person…                   …and how they do things.

Less amorous words to describe quality women can be found in the Motherly List.

Remote Viewing God in Particular

The researchers at the Stanford Research Institute do their best to employ rigorous scientific method.  Scientific methodology usually involves the measurement of matter, however, and there’s no known matter to measure with regards to Controlled Remote Viewing (RV).  This doesn’t mean that the measurable particular matter involved in RV doesn’t exist – it just means that we haven’t discerned it yet.

Dark matter is similarly known to exist notwithstanding that we haven’t found it yet either.  It comprises 84.5 % of the the total matter in the known Universe.  This is how much we’re currently unable to measure.   In the grand scope of things humans are just toddlers still learning to use their senses.

The earliest RV (More accurately Remote Sensing) experiment verified the existence of RV phenomenon related subatomic particles.  Legendary RV pioneer Ingo Swann, upon request, sent such subatomic particles into an underground shielded Magnetometer.  This kicked off the, military-involved but never classified, Controlled Remote Viewing Program at Stanford.

The magnetometer that measured the subatomic psi particles was the Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID).  It was encased in layer upon layer of protective copper shielding, aluminum casing, a superconducting niobium shield, and u-metal shielding, a metal which specifically inhibits the magnetic field.  The whole thing was encased in  concrete in the floor of the lab.

Mr. Swan, upon request, remotely affected the SQUID by concentrating for two 45-second intervals; For the first duration he increased the frequency on the printout and, for the second, he made it flatline_____.  To do so he remotely viewed, and accurately described, the SQUID’s unpublished inner construction.

More recently remote viewer Hitomi Akamatsu viewed the Higgs Boson God Particle at CERN.

Click Here to See This Remarkable pdf!

See the 3rd drawing from the last.  She apparently describes quantum entanglement in three harmonic spinning particles that were responsive to her mind.

“Spirit moving in space becomes matter, that in time and in evolution becomes aware of its oneness with the source of its energy and activity.”  Edgar Cayce 873-1

Note: For a while litigants were demanding that the resulting video ‘Hitomi and the God Particle’ be removed from distribution channels.  While the DVD  is still listed as “Print on Demand” at at it’s not available there any more.  There were a couple of copies available briefly at for >$100 USD but now it’s not even listed on that site anymore.    

Of particular significance was Hitomi’s statement, as she was ending the RV session, she wrote: “They should study consciousness. They have to understand Mind. Otherwise they’ll never get there.”

The God Particle(s) is/are the point(s) at which thought energy becomes material; quite literally what everyone has prayed for.  Knowing this, what would happen if everyone employed at CERN were to think about the God particle occurring when desired?  Coax: “Come on, you can do it.”

Could a large outside group, thinking about it, cause it to occur?

Given their apparent ubiquity is it possible that the 3 particles that Hitomi identified are those that constitute a sizable portion of Dark Matter?


In another interesting technology related experiment famed, former military, RV instructor Lyn Buchanan (@ 20:20 above) was asked to view the inside of a particle beam for want of an instrument that could survive the beam’s environment.  Notably he found that the particle beam was thorough enough that…
“…In the beam time itself is basically destroyed. And within that beam I could see up and down the entire length of my life as though it were thousands and thousands of different people that I could talk to.  And the beam itself was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…  …It was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t think I could ever fully explain it to anyone. The minute I would realize the entire span of time it would coalesce and I would be me again and the minute I was me again it would expand back again and there was basically every facet of every day of my life that was just spread out in front of me up and down the beam.”
“…For to the superconscious there is no past of future – all are present.  This would be well to remember.”  Edgar Cayce 136-54
 “First the continuity of life.  There is no time; it is one time; there is no space; it is one space; there is no force; it is one force.”  Edgar Cayce 4341-1
The Monroe Institute recommends the use of ‘Binaural Beats’ to get into the best ‘om’-like state of mind for Remote Viewing.
 3 Hrs of Binaural Beat Music
‘Binaural Beats’ balance the use of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  Otherwise the left hemisphere often dominates.  The left hemisphere is the ego/self that must necessarily to be subdued in order to perform Remote Viewing.  Empirical objectivity, with no preconceived notions allowed to creep in, is an absolutely necessary prerequisite.  The left hemisphere is the know-it-all that talks to people in their own voice, often critically.  Few know that it’s completely incapable of grasping the simplest “BIG PICTURE” or even of comprehending love.
I personally wouldn’t put Binaural Beats ahead of daily meditation other than immediately prior.
Cayce states that awakening our psychic abilities is our purpose: “The purpose for each soul’s experience in materiality are that the Book of Remembrance may be opened that the soul may know its relationship to its Maker”. 1215-4
There are many Youtube resources available that teach individuals how to remote view but humans are advised to proceed carefully…

“One who has a soul has psychic power; but remember… there are no shortcuts to God!  You are there-but self must be eliminated.” Edgar Cayce 5392-1

Edgar Cayce never defined ‘shortcuts’ but it seems RV likely qualifies.

I’m told, that every well-trained remote viewer inevitably becomes more spiritual.  This may be because they realize that everything that everyone thinks and does becomes a permanent record that can, and probably will in the fullness of time, be viewed by everyone forever.  Some, like Paul Elder, have come by Remote Viewing ability the hard, but honest way, via multiple Near-Death Experiences, unanticipated Astral Projection and so on.  But is RV the right, or best, way to achieve consciousness for most others?

Remote viewing is a short-term in-and-out experience of subduing/controlling the self’s/ego’s,/left brain’s prejudicial influence.  Consciousness achieved by building a, brick-by-brick, foundation of sincere empathy for all living creatures is significantly greater than a short term sojourn  purpose of winning a genocide contest.

“We recognize the vibratory forces in electricity; they are weighed and measured.  In radio we have the magnifying of the electrical vibration.  It is the same in spirit or psychic, or mind vibration.  There is the magnifying, by the action on those in attunement with that vibration.” Edgar Cayce 254-32

If RV were not a temporary exercise, but rather a normal steady state of consciousness accessible at all times based, and built, upon the absolute knowledge and practice of “Love thy Brother as Thyself”, no mater what, then it would, in some undetermined significant way, be orders of magnitude greater.  Here’s how:

This magnification comes from the 2nd Universal Law of Increase: The Spirit of your Actions Multiplies the Result

“Use then what you have in hand.  For He will multiply it, some to ten, some to twenty, to some sixty, to some an hundredfold; dependent upon that purpose and that sincerity to which you may use that in hand.”  1397-2

To insure this examine:

1. Purpose   2. Sincerity  3. Willingness 

Any remote viewer would also benefit from having built a solid  foundation of the most fundamental Universal Laws: 1. We Are One  2. Love is Law

For example a respected, talented, trained, expert remote viewer, by all appearances a normal decent guy, might express support for the U.S. right to bear arms for fear of the government becoming too aggressively totalitarian based on remote viewing targets such as 911 and the Kennedy assassination. This opinion doesn’t pass the muster of the above two Universal Laws.  Arming against one’s government is a far cry from controlled deer hunting.

Lower RV purposes cannot help but to put into motion other, as yet immeasurable physical subatomic forces, such as the Universal laws of Cause & Affect and Kharma.  Intent, too, is permanently recorded somewhere in the subatomic world and must have a particular explanation in physics and its own magnetic properties.

More substantial psychic (of the soul) development methodologies involve self-minimization exercises that help ensure that good intentions underly the remote viewing undertaking building the talent bit-by-bit, line-upon-line.

“…the gland with its thread known as the pineal gland is the channel along which same then operates, and with the subjugation of the consciousness – physical consciousness- there arises, as it were, a cell mind, or brain, operating along, or traveling along, that of the thread or cord as when severed separates the physical, the soul, or the spiritual body.  This uses, then, the senses of the body in an introspective manner, and they are not apparent in functioning in a physical normal manner as when awake.  All faculties of the body become more alert”. 288-29

Three Cayce cornerstones are study group work, meditation and dream analysis via which to work towards consciousness. These, IMHO, are wholly legitimate spiritual foundation-building methodologies.  I believe that this leads to achieving consciousness by becoming become wholly selfless, instinctively practicing altruistic thought and action in everyday life .

In my opinion temporarily accessed consciousness differs significantly qualitatively from gaining it organically via being a high-integrity enlightened selfless person*.  Anyone taking this short cut will have to return for, at least, a fuller dosage of Brotherly Love.

Free on-line: The complete RV magazine (pdf) article: Hitomi and the God Particle.

Love Cartoon

*Disclosure: I’m not yet.

The Good Book – Part II

Some thought went into subtitling this post “Edgar Cayce Vs. The Bible” just for the magnetism of controversy but controversy has always been a little too facile. ie. “Hitler Was Great!”.  This Hitler lauding headline would also probably attract more traffic than my related piece less dramatically titled Message to the U.N. .

Cayce & Christ

Edgar Cayce was a great advocate of Jesus and Christ consciousness.

“The Christ Consciousness is a universal consciousness of the Father Spirit. The Jesus consciousness is that man builds as body worship.

In the Christ Consciousness, then, there is the oneness of self, self’s desires, self’s abilities, made in at-onement with the forces that may bring to pass that which is sought by an individual entity or soul. Hence at that particular period self was in accord. Hence the physical consciousness had the desire to make it an experience of the whole consciousness of self.

Seek this the more often. He will speak with thee, for His promises are true – every one of them.” – 5749-4

Cayce (EC) read the Bible every day, once in its entirety per year, and was a popular Sunday School teacher.

Notwithstanding, Unlike the EC readings, The Bible contains some war-like material whereas EC never states anything that could be interpreted as pro war or even so much as in favor of peaceful civil disobedience.  He merely describes how and why uprisings MUST occur.

“If those in position to give of their means, their wealth, their education, their position, do not take these things into consideration, then there must be that leveling that will come.
For unless these are considered, there must eventually become a revolution… things as crime, riots, and every nature of disturbance.
” 3976-19

ALL of EC’s quotes invariably advise a peaceful loving nature:

“Condemn no one. Know that the state in which ye find self is but the grace of the Divine. Show thou those activities which bring forth an interpreting of the law in the light of harmony and grace and peace.”  ‪#‎EdgarCayce‬ 5264-1

More about the Leveling that MUST Occur

There are many countries in the world saddled with corrupt, corporate, selfish, aggressive, imperialistic governments yet EC ‘s many quotes about “Rebellion” all state that it’s unworthy and even “of Satan”.

Yet 3976-19 (2nd quote above) states that when imbalances are created that they MUST be leavened (leveled) in the due course of time.   That it MUST eventually become a revolution… things as crime, riots, and every nature of disturbance.

Essentially; revolution, crime, riots etc. must happen but EC doesn’t advise anyone to participate.  It reminds me of that old 60’s poster:

What if they threw a war

And no one came?

This is where the United States stand:

(Q) Is America fulfilling her destiny?
(A) Rather should the question be sought, my children, are individuals fulfilling those channels to which they have been brought through their own application of the knowledge within themselves to fulfill their position? For each and every one, each and every nation, is led – even as in heaven. For that ye see in earth is a PATTERN of that in the MIND, as ye well know, and is as a shadow of spiritual truth, life and light. Is America as a whole? This is as has been given. If there is not the acceptance in America of the closer brotherhood of man, the love of the neighbor as self, civilization must wend its way westward – and again must Mongolia (Genghis Khan leveling), must a hated people, be raised.

It might be a good time for the U.S. politicians, as Cayce suggested, to make nice with Russia selling their natural resource expertise while all concerned learn to be more decent, compassionate, and giving as individuals.

Edgar Cayce Vs. David Wilcock

This headline might have attracted more traffic as a separate post but properly belongs as a subtext.

There are as many different realities as there are people and plenteous and diverse too are all of the attractive adaptations of well-intended people suffering from variations of messianic complexes.  Gotta watch that common Hollier Than Thou ego.  It’ll identify and exploit every attractive weakness.

David Wilcock has grown famous because of a physical resemblance to Edgar Cayce.  He and his fans still trumpet that he’s EC’s reincarnation.

David Wilcock is not Edgar Cayce reincarnate.  EC foresaw that, after he passed, many would come professing to be him (many have) and left a secret phrase with the office of the A.R.E. which only the true reincarnation of EC would know.  David didn’t.  Moreover I’m told that EC’s grandson met with David and stated that there was no way that David was his grandfather.   David knows what the A.R.E. knows but doesn’t discourage the belief that brings him fame and wealth.  It’s reasonable to assume that misleading people spiritually is a serious sin.  What will his karmic invoice be?

David Wilcock has conducted a series of interviews with an alleged member of Star Command (A Buzz Lightyear reference.  I no longer have access to, or time for, the interview recordings for proper citation).  He presents entertaining psi-fi stories including a Stargate train tunnel traveling to all points beyond.  Yet the stories seem so pseudo-scientifically detailed that it’s easy to imagine that they were written by a team.  It seems improbable that the real Edgar Cayce would verify Star Command even if the ultimate advice to pursue the positive, is very good.  Not too much anticipation should be invested in the advice to let the bad elements on Earth have their way because Star Command is going to come to the rescue.  The overall recommendation to pursue positive matters, however, is unassailable good advice and the right way to go.   Bad (selfish) guys find it too simplistic to conceive that this could ever effectively act against them.  It’s said that Satan doesn’t understand love either.

It always seems to distill down to the two primary Universal Laws: 1. We are One  2. Love is Law  To be at variance with these puts us at our own peril. The best that we can do is personally practice these thoughts in everything that we do and to try to elect governments that do the same.

Personally my favorite on-line philanthropic causes are Water Freedom and Internet Freedom.  Water is primary in that, if you have to find water every day, you don’t have time for anything else, and without it you die faster from thirst than starvation. Internet freedom allows us to share the truth about government and their corporate relationships.  It’s under constant government assault from many national and international quarters.

Demand Progress                  

Open Media  (Canada)

The Alberta Tar Sands aboriginal communities, faced with land annexation and processing that renders their environment carcinogenic, have taken an exemplary first step.  They’re building solar farms on their property.  Such long-term positive targets seem a superlative, positive investment  methodology of walking away from the more negative alternatives.    

It seems like a peaceful unselfish world, given where we are today, is a long way from materialization but how long does it take for someone’s mind to change or for a critical mass (22%?) of minds to change? (See Unselfishness)

(Q) How soon (will the Lord come)?
(A) When those that are His have made the way clear, PASSABLE, for Him to come.



The Good Book

When I was in high school I wanted to be a writer.
After high school the only title for a book that I could come up with was, perhaps presumptuously, “The Good Book”.  I wasn’t quite sure what exactly “Good” meant but I wanted the book to be that. Sadly, I had no content to fill it, or any other, book.

The little white dot in the upper left corner of the cover is an eyeball that knows your intent.

Much Later I would publish a bi-monthly cafe’-distributed publication; The Coffee Chronicles. The editorial policy was always to uplift, inspire and intrigue the (40K/m) local audience. If I was going to get into the hearts and minds of 40K readers/m then I wanted to take them the most positive places. The assemblage included lots of humour; (known worldwide to be funnier than mere ‘humor’).  I counted 13 stories of people who would journey in from out-of-town to read and/or collect a copy.

In the transition to the Internet, as an outgrowth of previously published Positive Adjective Wordfind Puzzles I manually flipped through the Oxford Dictionary page-by-page and extracted every positive adjective that I could find to post in my online Positive Adjective Glossary.

Ten years later, about five years back, this web page went through a growth spurt in traffic which now ranges from 50K – 100K visitors/m. Consequently I created many similar pages, including translations into other languages.  Of these the Romantic Adjectives and Positive Nouns are now most popular.

It has beens 15 years since I first started these pages and I’m still adding lots more words including hundreds of new Positive Adjectives this year including ‘Bodacious’, ‘Boffo’, and “Ducky”.

“Remember that a good laugh, an arousing even to what might in some be called hilariousness, is good for the body, physically, mentally, and gives the opportunity for greater mental and spiritual awakening.”  – Edgar Cayce 2647-1

To this end I’ve assembled these Funny Definitions many of which are self-created or pared down from longer puns.

The Web Page that I always most wanted people to read is Unlimited Love.  I closed a local cable TV interview recounting this page and punctuated it with: “I wonder what affect this had on 50K readers and now… on your (>90K ) audience?”  The studio show, running long on time, ended with the impact of that question and the next 2 incoming interviewees came in saying; “Whoaaoo! How are we gonna follow that!?” The show aired at least twice.

Having been a spiritual seeker most of my life I’ve found the greatest body of truth that could be counted upon to be found in the teachings of Edgar Cayce. As a relative Facebook newbie my primary messages to that small audience, as well as those of this blog, has been the two most basic Universal Laws:

1. We are One   2. Love is Law

They’d be great political slogans.

My wife has started writing a novel and, over breakfast at Cosmos’ Cafe & Bistro this morning, she asked if I’ve ever wanted to write a book.

Looking back on my life it rather seems like “The Good Book” has been writing itself piecemeal all along.  Those pieces may end up becoming my memoirs – printed on recycled pixels.

End of Part I



Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is a secret society, of some renown, at Yale University.  The motto of the society is said to be “Bari Quippe Boni”, Latin for “Nature makes only a few who are good.”  To this should be added “Sin aliter tibi videtur, quod unus ex illis non credentibus et” which means “If this is what you believe then you’re obviously not one of them.”   Seeing, and thereby validating and extracting, the good in others is a strong indicator of whether or not someone is headed in the right direction, or “good” themselves.

Also alleged to be hanging in the Skull and Bones Tomb is the engraving of a vault below:

“We War Der Thor, Wer Weiser, Wer Bettler Oder Kaiser?” is German for “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king?” and below the vault is engraved; “Ob Arm, Ob Beich, im Tode gleich,” which means “Whether poor or rich, all’s the same in death.”  The engraving was once accompanied by a card, on which was written, “From the German Chapter. Presented by Patriarch D.C. Gilman of D. 50.” (Sutton, op. cit., p. 233)

The original German text is from a longer poem (which predates the Illuminati by 300 years). It’s about how everyone must eventually dance with death.  The original meaning of this was that all men are equal; the very opposite of the nonsensical  ‘Bari Quippe Boni’ (few are good) motto mentioned above.

Consequently popular modern speculation about the intentions of the Skull and Bones society is that many of them aren’t grasping the original meaning of ‘who is the fool’ and are misinterpreting the words to mean that there is no collective good or afterlife and that selfishness, while the getting is good, is the only smart recourse.

During the initiation ceremony of a bonesman the initiate is said to be asked whether a particular skeleton is that of a king, nobleman, or beggar.  Whatever the initiate’s choice the president is then said to declare that “The character of a being a man is the only thing that’s important.”

[The group is believed to be in possession of the stolen remains of  Apache leader Geronimo.  In the eye sockets of a bonesman, was Geronimo a peasant, nobleman, or king?]

If this “character is important” conclusion is true then there’s hope for bonesmen too and any “might as well be rich and powerful” misapplications are further illuminated by a famous Edgar Cayce quote:

“Few does power not destroy” – Edgar Cayce

Again, in light of this truth; “Who’s the fool?”

“The Character of the man is most important” suggests that some good men are actually likely to be found amongst the “Skull and Bones” group;  that some of them, just like most of us, would like to see the entire world thrive and flourish in peace.  Who knows, maybe one day there’ll even be a bonesman whistle blower?

The egocentric “Few are Good” motto of the group, however, seriously needs to be revisited by any among them who are objective about the truth.  The obvious vast preponderance of good is found outside of this, or any other, group.

One way to be good is to recognize and acknowledge the good in, and amongst, some of these men.


In Memory of Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell passed away in the spring of 2014.  He was already mature in age the first time that we met.  This was during the 1990’s at his Jack Campbell Gallery at Westminster Quay where we first compared articles that the, now defunct, New Westminster NewsLeader had printed regarding our respective businesses.  Jack was New Westminster’s most famous watercolour artist and we became fast friends.

Jack Campbell in the doorway of his Saturna Island Studio

I used to sit and chat with him in his gallery for periods of time between appointments.  One Halloween day, we walked together from the quay to The Westminster Club to have lunch.  Several cars honked and waved in appreciation of our Halloween headgear as we strolled down Columbia Street.  I was sporting a fake bloody knife through my head and was greatly outclassed by Jack who was wearing one of his stunning paper sculpture masks.

The Fraser River scene, titled The Carole J, depicted in his brochure, above top, wasn’t originally a gyclee print but was rather one of Jack’s 3-D paper sculptures.  I used this pic in the advertising that I ran for him in my publication, The Coffee Chronicles.  The swimming nude, titled Dream Stream below it was one of Jack’s many nude portraits.  It’s unusual in its flowing forms as Jack often painted with straight lines.

Jack told me that he and his wife Carol had once gone to a Vancouver restaurant where one of his mature male friends was dancing, in the nude, and striking various poses.  Not many people could pull that off.

Jack also once showed me a photograph of a waterfall mural that he painted for someone living in one of the town homes that overlook the Fraser River.  It graced a wall beside a hot tub as if cascading into it and, during the day, the light of the water shimmering off of the river outside would reflect through the window and dance on the water of the mural.  It was a brilliant dynamic concept.

Friendship Garden, above, was the first painting that Jack painted for me.  This is the name of the Japanese garden, adjacent to New Westminster’s city hall, which was given to the city by sister city, Moriguchi, Japan.  My beloved Cynthia and I, on wheelchair excursions from the hospital, used to feed the birds beside the above pond when she was dying of cancer.   Jack told me that he considered it to be a spiritual painting, because he considered me to be a spiritual man.  It graced the front cover of his brochure, for a period, before it was reduced to a more subordinate position in his brochure below.

While the web page is still up, the painting also graces Jack’s online bio page.  Evidently he thought a lot of the piece.

Another story that Jack told me took place when he shared a large room with  many other artist painters at an advertising agency.  He was working away when the most amazing insect landed on his drafting table.  It bore an impressive array of colorful stripes, dots, and other patterns.  Then it flew away. He told one of his colleagues about it who informed him that it was just one of their coworkers in the room who had a habit of capturing insects, painting them, and setting them free.

The second painting that Jack painted for me was Friendship Gardens II which also contains memories of Cynthia and I.

My third Jack Campbell painting is Sunshine Flowersong, (below) one of his Flower People series.  I selected it because of its fluid flowing lines; unusual, as mentioned above, for Jack.

My fourth Jack Campbell painting is Bear Totem in Queens Park (below).

He painted it from a photo that I took laying almost prone in the grass to find the proper angle so that the tree limbs looked like they formed the totem’s arms.

The Original Bear Totem Photo

A dramatic variation on this totem painting resides in the collection of former New Westminster City Counselor, and British Columbia MLA, Chuck Puckmayr.

Jack was very generous in donating his work for community fund-raising auctions.  Consequently his work graces the homes of many of the Who’s Who of New Westminster.

Jack moved away from his New Westminster fame to become Saturna Island’s most famous artist.

Three of the above paintings, excluding the nude, were once featured in the window of the Community Police Department, (the former Cobblestone Art Gallery) for a New Westminster Art Festival.

I was surprised to find a Jack Campbell Christmas card, identical to the one above, framed, mounted and up for bid the Westminster Club’s exclusive upscale silent auction.  Consequently I’ve held on to the card and other pieces of Jack’s ephemera including a 1997 calendar, a post card exhibition notice, and the greeting card below:

The above opened-up greeting card features the image of a large mural titled Facets of Saturna that Jack created for the general store on the island.  The general store facility also housed a high quality Mexican Tapas restaurant in the evenings.  Below the horses to the right, in the above image, see a depiction of Saturna Island’s famous annual lamb roast.  One year Jack and I helped wire up the lamb crucifixes the night before the event at the community Rec Center.  Afterward, over the communal dinner of the delicious lamb internal bits I recall that one gentleman was vigorously encouraging me to join the Saturna Volunteer Fire Department but I thought that my response time, via highway and ferry from Burnaby, might be a little slow.

One of Jack’s creations sat above the mantle of his Saturna Island home.  It was a unique representation of a large circular pierced Native spirit wheel, a beaver I think, cut from foam core and painted to look like wood.  Evidently it had been suspended from the ceiling at a New Westminster event and, when it spun, the light would send the shadows whirling around the walls of the room.  This, along with a piece titled Spirit Dance, were among my favorite of his works of art.

Once Jack asked me what I thought that he should call his particular “Pieces of Light” style of painting.  When I suggested something like “Prismatic Reflection” he looked at me like I was crazy and said. “It’s all bullshit anyway.”  We laughed.

One of the things that I admired most about Jack was his plain good-natured grace.  There are many people who agree with T.V.’s Dr. House character that “Everybody Lies”.  Not Jack.  He never lied.  Moreover, no matter how delicate the situation Jack could effortlessly, invariably, speak the truth with utter gracious diplomacy.  The best that I can say for myself is that I try not to lie, and while I believe that I succeed most of the time, Jack made it look easy.  He was an fine example of how all human beings should be.

Vicki, my other half, first met Jack at an exhibition by the Arts Council of New Westminster.  She was very impressed by his big friendly hug.  Her favorite Jack Campbell artwork featured the skyline of Granville Island.

After Jack moved to Saturna Island I visited, and house/cat sat for him, a couple of times.  Unfortunately after Vicki and I merged our lives together we found out that she was too terribly allergic to their cats for us to visit Jack and Carol again.

The sunset view from the ferry leaving Saturna Island the last time that we saw Jack.

Farewell Jack.  So happy to still have pieces of you in our life.

Message To The U.N.


Vladimir Putin addressed the U.N. after having actively accepted the invitation into Syria’s war.  All things being equal I thought I’d proffer my observations too:

“Few does power not destroy.” Edgar Cayce 3976-13

Who, at the U.N., has been destroyed via power?  In a world of more than 7 billion shades of gray what’s the objective measure for crossing over the line into world class evil?

One such benchmark is Imperialism.

When Adolf Hilter first became chancellor of Germany, Edgar Cayce stated that he was capable of being a truly good statesman, and that some of his policies were even spiritual in inception.  Hitler would govern well as long as he didn’t engage in imperialism.  Evidently Hitler crossed over to the dark side when he decided to annex other people’s property.

“(Q) Explain the relation between the information just given regarding Germany and the changes for this year, and the information already given through this channel on Hitler.
(A) Read that, my children, that has been given; that there was the destiny
for the man, if he did not allow Imperialism to enter in – and it is entering. Hence must be called into question.” Edgar Cayce 3976-15

Cayce also spoke of Russia’s karma as a nation now overreacting with social expansionism in order to compensate for having been ruled so selfishly during the Tsarist era.  Russians honestly, on a profoundly deep level, regard themselves as the world’s policemen against extreme capital selfishness.

“Europe is as a house broken up. Some years ago there was the experience of a mighty peoples being overridden for the gratification and satisfaction of a few, IRRESPECTIVE of any other man’s right. That peoples are going through the experience of being born again, and is the thorn in the flesh to many a political and financial nation in Europe, in the world…

(Q) What is the name of that nation referred to?

(A) Russia!”  Edgar Cayce 3976-8

Notwithstanding this protective intent, evidently imperialism, as with Hitler, causes serious degradation.  Mr. Putin, as a long-time self-professed Imperialist, has been personally spiritually destroyed ever since he adopted this as policy.  Western imperialism to procure natural resources isn’t any better.  Both Russia and the U.S. are being led by people who have been personally spiritually destroyed.  These are people who evidently never learned from their mothers the common decency of not taking other people’s stuff.

Our nations seem to be a long way yet from recognizing Universal Law as pervasive and unavoidable.

In his book Nonzero, Robert Wright concludes that, based on increasing complexity and desire to connect with each other,  we may be on the threshold of a new phase of development involving the creation of a unified global consciousness.  Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist E. O. Wilson has posited that, genetically speaking, unthinking submission to the communal promotes the fitness of the members of the collective group.

The Facts

These are “Big Picture” trends about which it can be sometimes be challenging to maintain an optimistic perspective, given the imperialistic quests by some of the larger world nations, when the inevitable path to peace may exceed the observer’s lifetime.  Patience and long-suffering (no one’s favorite), according to Cayce, are repeated Godly attributes.

Meanwhile, until nations come around and measure up ethically to a Sunday School child, it looks like we’re going to have to exercise the recurring lesson of patience.


See my post re. Putin when he first advanced into the Ukraine.