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Zero Point Energy & Dr. Steven Greer

Here’s an excellent primer on Zero Point Energy.

This synopsis gave me the impression that, via the zero point field, and perhaps Hitomi’s God particles, world benefit is manifesting from use of my Systemagic Motives website.

Significantly more so, the inevitable manifestation of Dr. Steven Greer’s best intentions are coming about in the same manner to greater benefit.  ‘Sooner is better’ so sharing his videos via social networking is important ASAP.


Dr. Greer’s Websites

The Disclosure Project             CSETI  UFO Ambassadors

SiriusDisclosure             Orion Project Energy Solutions


In one of his videos Dr. Greer states that 70% of the members of the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence (MAJI) community are currently in favour of peaceful ‘Disclosure’ of extraterrestrial visitation.  That’s well beyond the tipping point making such Disclosure appear extremely likely.  Like so many other significant social transitions it looks like disclosure is, at slowest, just a matter of the inevitable atrophy of the old guard – and how many of them have already made posthumous arrangements for more data revelations via Dr. Greer?  Eschatologist members may get to experience the exciting re-evolution of their own dominion.

As a positive lexicologist I’m pretty sure that, with eschatologists as a desirable personnel profile, the Majority Intelligence Committee needs to re-evaluate their definition of “Intelligence”.  What would the most apt adjective be?

Happy Millennium!




Dark Matter – A Galactic Muse

Dark matter theory (DMT) presumes that our Milky Way Galaxy, of which the Earth’s solar system is relatively a microscopic constituent, is spinning outwardly like a pinwheel when the evidence, the need to identify dark matter, suggests that it’s more likely that the Milky Way is spiraling, notwithstanding a recently discovered central bulge, as if into a whirlpool, into the supermassive black hole in its center.

Despite the fact that it’s popularly believed that our black hole is too small and weak to affect worlds so far out as Earth the sought-after dark matter mass may more aptly be found within the black hole where dark matter belongs.

I wonder how the gravitational prowess of our black hole is presumed to be measured as insufficiently influential when countless solar systems, stars and planets have disappeared down its gullet for time beyond measure?  It’s more likely that attempted measurements have been too small.

Galactus – Eater of Worlds

Martyan Torus Theory hypothesizes that the Milky Way galaxy is not only spinning like a wheel but also spinning concentrically inward.  What little matter the galaxy throws off at the outer rims of its spiral arms will only likely work its way back inward in the fullness of time to resume its inevitable inwardly rotating spiral.

Any sustained natural vortex necessitates that an outlet must exist.  If our black hole is the ingress to the center of the torus then there must also be an outlet for the tremendous energy at some unknown distance most probably concentric with the center of our black hole.  Would the depth of such a torus resemble a dimpled orange, a bagel, or a donut?  It could be challenging to locate a concentric outlet-like phenomenon at an unknown distance particularly if we don’t exactly know what it looks like other than expulsive energy equal to that of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole.  It may be easier to identify a toroidal outlet following the gravitation concentrically opposite to some other remote galaxy.

New stars and planets are being born in our solar system all the time.  Is it possible that the raw materials first circumnavigate the long journey around the outer circumference of a great torus?

Being Galactus intolerant is a waste of time. One option is to just ride the spiral inward facing it head on like the Silver Surfer.

Cowabunga and Amen!

Another alternative would be, with faster-than-light travel, to explore, most efficiently, for new worlds outward from the center  of the galaxy along the Orion Spur or the Persius Arm. (See galaxy map at top)

Either way, enjoy the ride!


The Speed of Light Isn’t Constant

From smoke-ring-blowing through projectile-tossing, aircraft, skydiving & snow sports, humans have exhibited a long-standing, and increasing, interest in Gravity Sports.  (I’ll have to report this new Universal Code; for these sports back to my home world.)  See my previous post which includes video footage of Falling with (Squirrel) Style.

Alien Ball Gravity

Humans have sufficiently advanced Teloscopy to be aware of the existence of Black Holes although the documentary excerpt below suggests a limited, albeit adventurous, understanding.  Hint: Don’t fly straight at them.

Heed the statement, by the other Marty of 1956, at time code 1:35

Another lesson that should be obvious about black holes, (most species catch on a bit faster) is that, if light can bend, then the speed of light cannot be constant.  It has only been a constant measurement to humans because it has only historically been measured by humans within Earth’s constant gravitational field.  Off-Earth, as here, the speed of light is affected by gravity.

It’s even possible that the sight of a galaxy from Earth has been redirected here by a gravitational sling shot; something that could affect flight plans.

As previous: I’m not a sciency alien.  I’m a human/alien hybrid and therefore best suited, empathetically, to inter-world reporting.  Such basics, however, are covered in the elementary schools on our home world.  Humans will never achieve interstellar travel unless light speed’s inconstancy is factored into the equation.  As with Star Trek, Warp Speed capability is considered to be a pivotal milestone in a species’ development.  Perhaps I’ve said too much but waiting for humans to ‘get it’ is crazy-making.

Take Us Out

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Flower Power

“We’re coming for you!”

“Flower power was a slogan used during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology.” Wikipedia

Photo credit: Stoonn via

Water is mandatory for life (as Earth knows it*) and is thereby necessary when undertaking terraforming.  Flowers have been garnering energy from the gentle power of water’s capillary action ever since plants first raised their little heads during Earth’s first terraformation. Capillary action utilizes the omnipresent surface tension property of water.  It’s also necessary for proper functioning of the human body.  Humans are mostly comprised of water and this flower power is within each of them.

Capillary Action is a Perpetual Motion Pump.

   The city of New Westminster, in British Columbia, took the integral capillary action a of flowers a step further, with their flower box terraformation, to benefit plants with shallower root systems in coexisting alongside their more deeply rooted counterparts.



New Westminster Flower Box photo courtesy of Claude Lemieux for the city of New Westminster

Years ago the Horticulture Department of the city of New Westminster discovered that a short piece (no more than 24 inches) of yacht braid polyester rope** (which was actually advertised as ‘non-absorptive’) planted vertically in the soil of their flower boxes, would actually “squirt” water, drawn from a deeper reservoir, out of its top.   The capillarity is higher in a fiber rope than it is in a standard glass capillary tube.  A rope segment deployed this way is effectively a water pump that never ceases to function, with no energy input, in an apparently closed system.

The amount of EMF that can be generated from the capillary action of water is negligible. It would take an inordinately large power plant to generate enough power for an average household, for example.  The important thing is that water breaks the rule and that the fundamental principle of energy conservancy isn’t a Universal Law.  The surface tension of water never gets depleted and capillary action’s perpetuity IS a universal law everywhere that water/life exists*.

1)  Even though they dramatically displace the environment, river and tidal energy dams are a anthropologically understandable way to have historically generated significant amounts of hydroelectricity on any hydrous planet.  Moving forward, however, it’s good to see that humans have developed Blue Energy for environmentally friendly scalable power generation from either river currents or ocean tides which isn’t dependent on the height/depth of the water.

2) Another hydroelectric resource is the implosion energy of  the Schauberger water vortex.

     “At the time I was still unaware that in water the greatest secret lay hidden.”   Victor Schauberger

Victor Schauberger Vortex

     “How could we have missed this universal machine?  Why have we ignored the vortex, the workhorse of the universe.”   William Baumgartner

3)  Notice the vortexes on the home page of Blacklight Power.  Researchers and scientists from NASA and the U.S. Navy are among those who have contributed to this private company.  They use H2O vapor as the source of H2 fuel tightening its electron radii into a “Hydrino” which results in an immediate release of an overunity energy yield 200 times greater than merely burning H2.  At 10 times more energy output than is invested into the process this overunity yield is significantly greater than that of energy resource number 4…

4)  Water’s cavitation (the knocking sound sometimes heard in pipes).  Deuterium (aka heavy water) fuses more rapidly than tap water and is therefore most often the preferred fuel for sonofusion aka. sonoluminescence, or bubble fusion.

     “Sonofusion has the potential for the complete replacement of CO2-producing fuels.  This would have world-changing consequences.”  Roger Stringham, PhD sonofusion pioneer

James Grigg’s hydrosonic pump, a cold fusion cavitation device now retitled the Shockwave Power Reactor (SPR), is available for sale today from Hydrodynamics Inc.  It delivers its (160%) overunity yield into biofuel and petroleum industry processes, among others, and is currently commercially available to laboratories.


5)  A SPR’s hot water output propelling a tapered auger  heat engine made of Memory Metal (NITINOL) could benefit from compound overunity efficiencies.  Many articles have been written and many patents have been granted for Memory Metal.  So far, however, the Earthly applications appear to have been limited to high stress medical implants and novelty toys.  The compound efficiency of these two devices could significantly reduce organizational utility bills.

The children of Earth will finally come of age when they’ve embraced this life energy which is in accord with the laws of nature.  Water is within humans, falling from the sky, and all around them.  This resource really should be much more developed by now on this planet. It doesn’t usually take life forms this long.

“For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, that spreadeth out its roots by the river, and shall not fear when heat cometh, but its leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.”   – Jeremiah 17:8

It’s the birth rite of life.

This book (from U.K.), by Jeane Manning & Joel Garbon, is unavailable in North America

*Edgar Cayce gave readings regarding non-flesh-and-blood soul entities inhabiting our solar system as entities living largely within and about the fourth and fifth dimensional environs of its planets.  Source

**For convenience sake the city of New Westminster has since replaced the rope with a piece of the slower felt liner already used in the flower boxes.

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