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The Good Book – Part II

Some thought went into subtitling this post “Edgar Cayce Vs. The Bible” just for the magnetism of controversy but controversy has always been a little too facile. ie. “Hitler Was Great!”.  This Hitler lauding headline would also probably attract more traffic than my related piece less dramatically titled Message to the U.N. .

Cayce & Christ

Edgar Cayce was a great advocate of Jesus and Christ consciousness.

“The Christ Consciousness is a universal consciousness of the Father Spirit. The Jesus consciousness is that man builds as body worship.

In the Christ Consciousness, then, there is the oneness of self, self’s desires, self’s abilities, made in at-onement with the forces that may bring to pass that which is sought by an individual entity or soul. Hence at that particular period self was in accord. Hence the physical consciousness had the desire to make it an experience of the whole consciousness of self.

Seek this the more often. He will speak with thee, for His promises are true – every one of them.” – 5749-4

Cayce (EC) read the Bible every day, once in its entirety per year, and was a popular Sunday School teacher.

Notwithstanding, Unlike the EC readings, The Bible contains some war-like material whereas EC never states anything that could be interpreted as pro war or even so much as in favor of peaceful civil disobedience.  He merely describes how and why uprisings MUST occur.

“If those in position to give of their means, their wealth, their education, their position, do not take these things into consideration, then there must be that leveling that will come.
For unless these are considered, there must eventually become a revolution… things as crime, riots, and every nature of disturbance.
” 3976-19

ALL of EC’s quotes invariably advise a peaceful loving nature:

“Condemn no one. Know that the state in which ye find self is but the grace of the Divine. Show thou those activities which bring forth an interpreting of the law in the light of harmony and grace and peace.”  ‪#‎EdgarCayce‬ 5264-1

More about the Leveling that MUST Occur

There are many countries in the world saddled with corrupt, corporate, selfish, aggressive, imperialistic governments yet EC ‘s many quotes about “Rebellion” all state that it’s unworthy and even “of Satan”.

Yet 3976-19 (2nd quote above) states that when imbalances are created that they MUST be leavened (leveled) in the due course of time.   That it MUST eventually become a revolution… things as crime, riots, and every nature of disturbance.

Essentially; revolution, crime, riots etc. must happen but EC doesn’t advise anyone to participate.  It reminds me of that old 60’s poster:

What if they threw a war

And no one came?

This is where the United States stand:

(Q) Is America fulfilling her destiny?
(A) Rather should the question be sought, my children, are individuals fulfilling those channels to which they have been brought through their own application of the knowledge within themselves to fulfill their position? For each and every one, each and every nation, is led – even as in heaven. For that ye see in earth is a PATTERN of that in the MIND, as ye well know, and is as a shadow of spiritual truth, life and light. Is America as a whole? This is as has been given. If there is not the acceptance in America of the closer brotherhood of man, the love of the neighbor as self, civilization must wend its way westward – and again must Mongolia (Genghis Khan leveling), must a hated people, be raised.

It might be a good time for the U.S. politicians, as Cayce suggested, to make nice with Russia selling their natural resource expertise while all concerned learn to be more decent, compassionate, and giving as individuals.

Edgar Cayce Vs. David Wilcock

This headline might have attracted more traffic as a separate post but properly belongs as a subtext.

There are as many different realities as there are people and plenteous and diverse too are all of the attractive adaptations of well-intended people suffering from variations of messianic complexes.  Gotta watch that common Hollier Than Thou ego.  It’ll identify and exploit every attractive weakness.

David Wilcock has grown famous because of a physical resemblance to Edgar Cayce.  He and his fans still trumpet that he’s EC’s reincarnation.

David Wilcock is not Edgar Cayce reincarnate.  EC foresaw that, after he passed, many would come professing to be him (many have) and left a secret phrase with the office of the A.R.E. which only the true reincarnation of EC would know.  David didn’t.  Moreover I’m told that EC’s grandson met with David and stated that there was no way that David was his grandfather.   David knows what the A.R.E. knows but doesn’t discourage the belief that brings him fame and wealth.  It’s reasonable to assume that misleading people spiritually is a serious sin.  What will his karmic invoice be?

David Wilcock has conducted a series of interviews with an alleged member of Star Command (A Buzz Lightyear reference.  I no longer have access to, or time for, the interview recordings for proper citation).  He presents entertaining psi-fi stories including a Stargate train tunnel traveling to all points beyond.  Yet the stories seem so pseudo-scientifically detailed that it’s easy to imagine that they were written by a team.  It seems improbable that the real Edgar Cayce would verify Star Command even if the ultimate advice to pursue the positive, is very good.  Not too much anticipation should be invested in the advice to let the bad elements on Earth have their way because Star Command is going to come to the rescue.  The overall recommendation to pursue positive matters, however, is unassailable good advice and the right way to go.   Bad (selfish) guys find it too simplistic to conceive that this could ever effectively act against them.  It’s said that Satan doesn’t understand love either.

It always seems to distill down to the two primary Universal Laws: 1. We are One  2. Love is Law  To be at variance with these puts us at our own peril. The best that we can do is personally practice these thoughts in everything that we do and to try to elect governments that do the same.

Personally my favorite on-line philanthropic causes are Water Freedom and Internet Freedom.  Water is primary in that, if you have to find water every day, you don’t have time for anything else, and without it you die faster from thirst than starvation. Internet freedom allows us to share the truth about government and their corporate relationships.  It’s under constant government assault from many national and international quarters.

Demand Progress                  

Open Media  (Canada)

The Alberta Tar Sands aboriginal communities, faced with land annexation and processing that renders their environment carcinogenic, have taken an exemplary first step.  They’re building solar farms on their property.  Such long-term positive targets seem a superlative, positive investment  methodology of walking away from the more negative alternatives.    

It seems like a peaceful unselfish world, given where we are today, is a long way from materialization but how long does it take for someone’s mind to change or for a critical mass (22%?) of minds to change? (See Unselfishness)

(Q) How soon (will the Lord come)?
(A) When those that are His have made the way clear, PASSABLE, for Him to come.



A Universal Muse

In a previous post;“A Galactic Muse”, I put some things into perspective.  Herein I’ll attempt to put everything into perspective.

“Galaxies, like stars themselves, typically occur in families ranging from just a few members… …to as many as 10,000 in colossal superstructures”. (James Mullaney)

This is the first map of the colossal supercluster of galaxies known as Laniakea. The red dot shows the location Earth’s Milky Way galaxy.  There are countless other superclusters, and other groupings, in the Universe.

And one thing that we know for sure is that the Universe is always expanding.

“God is reflected in our concept of space. In the vastness of space self-conceit falters. We are humblest when gazing at the stars. We draw nearer to God in contemplation of the immensity of the Universe.”  (A Search For God, Book II)

Challenge: Read the list in my previous “Divine Adjectives” post, stating “I Am…” to better know God’s perspective relative to your own.

Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos by James Mullaney just came in the mail from Amazon and simply thumbing through the pictures for the first time prompted this post.  It’s no longer available from the A.R.E. Bookstore.


Dark Matter – A Galactic Muse

Dark matter theory (DMT) presumes that our Milky Way Galaxy, of which the Earth’s solar system is relatively a microscopic constituent, is spinning outwardly like a pinwheel when the evidence, the need to identify dark matter, suggests that it’s more likely that the Milky Way is spiraling, notwithstanding a recently discovered central bulge, as if into a whirlpool, into the supermassive black hole in its center.

Despite the fact that it’s popularly believed that our black hole is too small and weak to affect worlds so far out as Earth the sought-after dark matter mass may more aptly be found within the black hole where dark matter belongs.

I wonder how the gravitational prowess of our black hole is presumed to be measured as insufficiently influential when countless solar systems, stars and planets have disappeared down its gullet for time beyond measure?  It’s more likely that attempted measurements have been too small.

Galactus – Eater of Worlds

Martyan Torus Theory hypothesizes that the Milky Way galaxy is not only spinning like a wheel but also spinning concentrically inward.  What little matter the galaxy throws off at the outer rims of its spiral arms will only likely work its way back inward in the fullness of time to resume its inevitable inwardly rotating spiral.

Any sustained natural vortex necessitates that an outlet must exist.  If our black hole is the ingress to the center of the torus then there must also be an outlet for the tremendous energy at some unknown distance most probably concentric with the center of our black hole.  Would the depth of such a torus resemble a dimpled orange, a bagel, or a donut?  It could be challenging to locate a concentric outlet-like phenomenon at an unknown distance particularly if we don’t exactly know what it looks like other than expulsive energy equal to that of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole.  It may be easier to identify a toroidal outlet following the gravitation concentrically opposite to some other remote galaxy.

New stars and planets are being born in our solar system all the time.  Is it possible that the raw materials first circumnavigate the long journey around the outer circumference of a great torus?

Being Galactus intolerant is a waste of time. One option is to just ride the spiral inward facing it head on like the Silver Surfer.

Cowabunga and Amen!

Another alternative would be, with faster-than-light travel, to explore, most efficiently, for new worlds outward from the center  of the galaxy along the Orion Spur or the Persius Arm. (See galaxy map at top)

Either way, enjoy the ride!


We Are One Love

You are not “the one” who you are seeking.  The one is through yourself together with all else. We are one.

The final episode of TV’s Mad Men concluded with the 1971 Coke commercial “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony).

A similar 1970 hit was Everything is Beautiful by Ray Stevens.

Not a bad ethos moving forward from almost half a century ago but what would be a good musical zeitgeist for us moving forward from 2015?

Incorporating the 2 Universal Laws (which will reportedly make God move within us) elucidated in my last post: 1. We are One, and 2. Love is Law. I’ve abbreviated it to “We are Love”. This makes Bob Marley’s “One Love” a good candidate for a musical mantra but, due to it’s authorship, it may have marijuana implications which aren’t suited to everyone.

The following is my favorite candidate for the Song of Our Time going forward:
One World, One Heart Beating

A film by Jose Sanchez and Kasper Packford. Composers: Sue Kirkpatrick and Oona McOuat.

Video from KarmaTube

Here are some related web pages that I’ve created over the years:

It’s Everywhere


Unlimited Love

My most popular page by far, however, is my Positive Adjective Glossary.  I believe that this is because it’s “Of God” particularly inasmuch as users necessarily uplift others.

Above is our brand, inherently shared. Add everyone and everything to your organization or personal material by including our brand.

To those currently selfish, uninitiated, organizations and individuals the “WE ARE ONE” part is important so they know who we are.  To those more advanced the brand can be abbreviated to:


Please distribute liberally and freely.

 Parting Thought:  It’s a Wonderful World!

 Playing for Change’s version



Science and Spirituality Master Piece

I’ve always assumed that spirituality, along with the apparent ESP trappings of its mastery, would one day have a known basis in science.  I’ve speculated that this might possibly be found within some combination of frequencies within the frequency range beyond gamma that’s currently faster than we’re able to measure.  Certainly we’re unable to measure the differing frequencies of rocks and minerals.  What happens when we expose them to different frequencies?

“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with this great power.” – Nikola Tesla

“Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” – Albert Einstein

“I want to know how God created this world. I’m not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details.” – Albert Einstein

Many other hypotheses have been posited to integrate properties of God and science from creation taking place in the collapse of probability waves to the properties of quantum entanglement.

Dr. Amit Goswami  relabels God as “Non-Local Quantum Consciousness” in physics parlance. While he may be more so than me, like Ram Das, he’s a professor and not yet a master of spirituality.  Some masters currently graduate considerably more rarely than others.

There have also been genuine masters who apparently deploy the name of science to pique the interest of a western world that worships the logical discipline.

“We should take care not to make the intellect our God: it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.” – Albert Einstein


When Parmahansa Yogananda first arrived in North America his first lecture was “The Science of Religion”.  The Science of Spirituality is also a church led by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, a computer scientist.  Both are respected spiritual masters.

BTW Edgar Cayce stated that we’d all be masters in the fullness of time – and that linear time doesn’t exist.

“Everyone is a genius.” – Albert Einstein

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” – Albert Einstein

When it comes to science and spirituality Edgar Cayce offers us some, new to many, greater fundamentals that moves the scientific process into the brain’s right hemisphere:


“There are immutable laws governing man’s relationship to the Universe.  The first principle is that the Universe is One.  “There are Divine (aka Universal) laws as there are nature’s laws and their application change according to circumstance, or manner of application and understanding.”  Edgar Cayce 2615-1

“Don’t think that the body is a haphazard machine, or that the things which happen to individuals are chance.  It is all law!”   Edgar Cayce 2067-1

“I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world.” – Albert Einstein

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein

James Lovelock, the author of the the “Gaia” principle, wrote about his findings regarding the macro interrelationship of all living things.  A serious scientist he was completely surprised when he started to receive correspondence thanking him for the great spiritual work.

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology.” – Albert Einstein

Universal laws include 1. Like begets like. 2. As he sows so shall he reap.  3. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.  These idioms are idioms for good reason; Should the individual (finite) mind turn within for the law, until the understanding rises, there is the consciousness in the finite of the Infinite moving upon, and in, the inner self.  (paraphrased from 262-52)

That which you dwell upon you become.

“True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness.” – Albert Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

“The law of environment, relativity, heredity, is the same in the spiritual activity as in the material earthly — matter conditions.” Edgar Cayce 683-1

“And if thy life is disturbed, if thy heart is sad, if thy body is racked with pain, it is thine bungling of the laws that are as Universal as Life itself.”   Edgar Cayce 281-27

Changing our World and Ourselves Through Compassion

Gratitude is also healthier for our hearts.

“Love is Law and Law is Love”

(“L LAW” in a previous post as an alien)

How many police officers, operatives, lawyers, judges and lawmakers know this and consider it in their work?

Police Distribute Snacks

“I come not to take away the law but to fulfill same.” Matt 5:17

“As humans apply these universal laws, humans develop.  They gradually become capable of applying and using these in everyday life.  This is true whether applied to medical science, in anatomical science or in mechanical science and so on.”   Edgar Cayce 900-70

“My brain is only a receiver, In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” – Nikola Tesla

My new Positive Links Page has been cleared of dead wood and I open it most mornings.  I’ll try to keep improving it.  It’s a worthy bookmark.  Know the facts.

 “Science and Religion are one when their purposes are one.” Edgar Cayce 5023-2

IMO science and God mix inexorably but at some point science itself becomes insufficient to know its Maker.

The nanosecond that faith is questioned; it’s gone. The nature of scientific method is mutually exclusive to the nature of faith. It’s insufficient to be a passive observer when the observer affect immediately, upon its thought, terminates the hypothesis.

Even science is a shortcut in a realm where shortcuts don’t work.

For more re. physics & spirituality visit: Al’s World View

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Note: The quotes accredited to Albert Einstein above have been plucked from the Internet.  No further investigation regarding their authorship has been performed.



Getting in Our Right Mind

It must be frustrating for North American national governments to continue to try to sell  the “WE’RE IN DANGER!” militarization story when the true empirical evidence points in the opposite direction.  At what point does (did?) this fear mongering become an absurdity?  At its inception?  What is the trending inevitable conclusion made evident in the following?

Stevan Pinker – 2015 Nobel Peace Price Forum

In this lecture about why humans are so interested in violence Canadian born Harvard Professor and Nobel Laureate Steven Pinker states that there are 2 crimes via which Violence News Codependency makes humans commit violence because of anticipation of how it will covered in the news media. Both are low-death/high visibility events and are pretty much creations of the news media:

1. Terrorism – “ A technology for extracting the maximum amount of publicity for the smallest amount of violence. By any count terrorism accounts for a trivial proportion of the world’s deaths by violence to say nothing of deaths from all causes put together. The most damaging event in history was 911 which killed fewer than 3000 people. That’s kind of “in the noise” when it comes to statistics on homicide or civil wars. – 14:00
2. Rampage Killings – Occurs because of the wall-to-wall news coverage. Those for whom notoriety is more important than life itself and it’s easier than curing cancer.

Professor Pinker’s data coalesces neatly with the many data sets of Hans Rosling, and other data sets, to demonstrate conclusively how very much the world is becoming an increasingly better, more peaceful, place in almost every way.  See the uplifting “THE FACTS” section of my Positive Links web page.

When the government is telling us one thing and the overwhelming evidence is demonstrating the opposite to be true how do we stay in our right mind?

Steven Pinker’s video conveys excellent positive data but the following Ted Talk was(is?), at least at one time, the most popular Ted Talk in history:

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight.  This video conveys the significance of staying in our reasoning linear world in a cyclic universe.  Don’t leave home without your left hemisphere.

Unfortunately the left hemisphere is also more of a cold, selfish, entropic, misanthrope.  It deduces for you as real possibilities things that may not even exist and it’s that same little negative voice that sometimes berates you.  The left brain is also incapable of seeing the simplest “Big Picture”.

The right hemisphere exclusively has capacity of vision to see the “Big Picture” as well as the capacity for, among other emotions, “Love”   Both are supremely significant factors.

I’ve previously mentioned the great on-going universal battle of Life Vs Entropy.  “We” Vs “I”.

The right hemisphere is “Life”and “We” and “Love” and “Big Picture” and “Music” and “Creativity” and “Nature”.

When the Corpus Collosum, which connects the brain’s hemispheres, is severed the subject develops a syndrome whereby, for example, the subject’s left hand actually struggles with the right hand in order for it to complete a simple “Big Picture” puzzle.  [See time code 29.50 – 32.19 of this video.  More examples at time code 38.25 – 39.25 of this video.

Brain Hemisphere Primer – Alan Alda interviews Michael Gazzaniga

More Recent History

Increased stimulation of the left hemisphere has historically been taking place from the time, and as a result, of the invention of the alphabet, mathematics, and the printing press.  While the two hemispheres generally work in tandem the left hemisphere has incurred, for many hundreds of recent years, the vast preponderance of input data.

But the hemispheres are an ultimately an equal couple and the scientific revolution has recently, as an adjunct, given rise to visual icons; video games, pics, and movies all of which stimulate the vision of the right hemisphere as does, now ubiquitously-available, music.  This current significant increasing stimulation of the right hemisphere is largely an offspring of the Internet.

Again: The right hemisphere is “Life”and “We” and “Love” and “Big Picture” and “Music” and “Creativity” and “Nature”.

Right Brain Exercises       Contemplating Love

 Enjoy it!


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