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How Best to Help The Poor

Evidently some people claim that no one has ever said the statement posited at the opening of the above video; “Immigration can help reduce world poverty” citing that this could be an argument for outsourcing.  It identifies the initiative of the indigenous people as the solution however, and not an external employer.  The excellent question; “Who deserves our compassion?” is also asked.  The minimum standard answer, in terms of immigration, is ‘Refugees’.   “The poorest of the poor” is a good response in general.   It also wisely points out how and where best to help them; “Where they are”.  It ends with the statement “Let’s help them there”.

Where, precisely, is that?

No one points this out better than KIVA and a loan only costs $25.

Other foreign aid could be prioritized to water because it’s so fundamental that no one can work on anything else until they have it.

Beyond that solar panels for nocturnal enlightenment and/or hardware charging . Cell phones help a producer to get the best possible price for crops/products/materials etc.

The first step in transportation-related hardware is a bicycle.  It greatly expedites business including getting products and services to market.  Local bicycle industries are a good home-based business idea in some areas.

Donations turn thoughts into things quickly

As a consequence of thinking about this video a link to the University of the People  was added to some International Positive Adjectives (Hindi, China, Latin America [Spanish]) pages of our Systemagic website.   It’s the first fully accredited online university with free tuition and text books.  It offers a free education to the poor of the world based solely on their educational merit.



Solar Power Now

New light is dawning.

Worldwide growth of photovoltaics for solar energy has been fitting an exponential curve for more than two decades and the industry, in the U.S., is growing at 12 times the rate of the rest of the economy.  Solar energy is the front runner in terms of everything good about energy including the obvious geopolitical implications.  No wonder everyone is embracing it.

US Solar Energy Employs more people than oil coal and gas combined – Forbes  [Related ‘Homemade Solar Power’ Links.  Worth it if your home is staying in your family as well as for resale attraction.]

From mega solar farms to lighting the smallest hut the democratization of energy via solarvoltaics is not only underway but skyrocketing!

The really good news is that Solar Power is expected to be the dominant form of energy by 2050; and an inevitable certainty is always a good thing to run with.  In fact, because it’s more efficient and economical the oil industry itself has been using Solar Power.

Being knowledgeable about EV or hybrid car options will soon be normal.

A “Teslaphile” originally meant someone who loves the man Nicola Tesla, and what he stood for, but recently the word’s meaning has evolved to include the electric cars.  Tesla is the car company that has most elevated electric cars to the status of something that would be cool to drive. Will the meaning of Teslaphile one day also include the company’s interests in Solar Power generation and storage?

Nearest Tesla Dealership and Charging Stations Locator

One of the least expensive entry-level energy-saving cars, from a reliable company, is the hybrid Toyota Prius C.

Literally, metaphorically, empirically, spiritually and, importantly; inevitably its time to head towards the light with all due alacrity.  It’s time to enjoy a certain sunrise industry.  No matter what the news brings, the future is ‘Sunny Side Up’.



The Christmas of the Second Coming

December 24, 2016


Christ is Currently Being Reborn on Earth.

“For, His is the Son of Light, of God, and is holy before Him.  And He comes again in the hearts and souls and minds of those that seek to know His ways.”  Edgar Cayce 5749-5              

We are one…

…including with the aggressive and militarized police as evidenced in the encounter with the Dakota Water Protectors.  Many officers and even entire police forces quit.  They couldn’t continue to commit the crimes and felonies of the rest of their colleagues.  The only oath that U.S. military officers swear to is to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and, notwithstanding the fact the National “Guard” et al were plainly assaulting many constitutional freedoms including Assembly, Religion, and the Press, still no known military officer has yet stood up for what is right.  Such is the force of the chain of command – aka the isolation of blame or Institutional Evil as described by Dr. M. Scott Peck in his analysis of the My Lai Massacre.

The front lines aren’t physical but rather are found within each and every individual heart. 

“For, what must be obliterated? Hate, prejudice, selfishness, back-biting, unkindness, anger, passion, and those things of the mire that are created in the activities of the sons of men.”  Edgar Cayce 5749-4

Is it now required that a soldier become a veteran in order to liberate his conscience from the chain of command and truly fight for America’s freedom again?

We’re not just one with police and military forces corrupted by the U.S. Corporatocracy, but also with the selfish corporations themselves and the 1% who run them.

Edgar Cayce’s 5-Step Dream Interpretation

I participate in an on-line dream analysis group and occasionally assist people analyzing their dreams largely with the help of Kevin Todeschi’s superlative Dream Images and Symbols book.  This is one of the cornerstones of growth via the Edgar Cayce methodology.

A woman who I know recently had a dream about being married to President Elect Donald Trump.  In it she sat there beside him at a formal dinner surrounded by one-per-centers feeling like a complete outsider – but knowing that, by the strength of her presence and conviction she would fortify the gathering with, love, compassion, oneness and gratitude.  She would hold the positive energy for those among them who would come to know her and thereby come to know it.

Just like this dreamer we all need to recognize our Oneness with all the other Children of God, no matter how selfish they are, while steadfastly standing up for the Universal Laws which are as immutable as the laws of physics and the Corporatocratically-denied climate science.

Love is Law; Law is Love

“Time never was when there was not a Christ and not a Christ-mass… (There) is in every birth — the possibilities, the glories, the actuating of that influence of that entrance again of god-man into the Earth… 

Know this had no beginning in the 1900 years ago, but again and Again and Again! And it may be today…  …is an opportunity for the Christ-entrance again.”  Edgar Cayce 262-103

“Most certainly I tell you, he who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do …”  John 14:12

For some individuals Christ was reborn at the turn of the Millennium, for others it was at the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.  For some it is the prophesy of Revelations 20:1-6 “He shall rule for 1000 years”.  In the hearts of many Christ is already afoot.

The onset of Christ Consciousness doesn’t come in one great rush of ascendance but rather little by little, line by line, bit by slowly-accumulated bit.

May this revelation of Christmas, and its 2nd coming uplift your heart throughout the holiday season, 2017, and well beyond!

Tidings of Wonder and Joy!



Reveille has sounded.

The Sleeping Giant has awakened again; this time to look at itself in the mirror to see its conscience staring back.

America the Great was all set to assault with definition one final time the Water Protector Prayer Camp at Standing Rock with their December 5th eviction notice until they realized that 1500 shades of military veteran PTSD would be showing up the weekend just prior.  They weren’t afraid to forcibly throttle American citizens when they appeared to be peacefully singing “I don’t play by the rules of the game” while strumming a little ukulele.  But when those soldiers, who might otherwise relieve the economic weight on military pensions by committing suicide, started showing up to the game in significant numbers the Nation had a little rethink.

These were veterans, who, despite differing fields of military service, know each other’s war experience more deeply and profoundly than any civilian ever could and with a brotherly cohesion that would vastly outclass what little adherence was left in their corporate military assailants. Those uniformed men mercilessly attacking Native Americans and the many Constitutional Amendments that they represented.

The vicious, mendacious Morton County Sheriff’s Department started sputtering about how the razor wire was a “Safety Precaution” and how it was the despicable Water Protectors, and not them, who would trigger the veteran PTSD.

Make no mistake, if all the veterans were elderly, the military oil industrial complex would likely have mowed over them as if they were worthless Indians. With seven illegal wars currently waging in the Middle East, for the purpose of verifying that the world’s oil belongs to America, even young active duty members of the military were showing up to face off with Corporate Oil’s National Guard, the Corps of Engineers and their vastly outclassed police and private associates.


One report stated that there were 12000 Vets confirmed in attendance at Standing Rock and more arriving by convoy.

The vets were reportedly constructing winter barracks, they removed the razor wire and recovered some canoes that had been confiscated.  They were coming to serve as a human shields in peace but with an obvious decided “We’re not gonna take any of your sh*t” attitude.

Some couldn’t help observing that the distant crude fields at the source were highly explosive and that the confrontation could be abruptly and decisively ended much in the same manner as WWII was won.

With the prayerful battle of Standing Rock now won the question is “What happens now?”  The vets have looked into each other’s hearts and minds and realized that they are, once again, a force to be reckoned with, and, unlike their blood-for-oil counterparts, a force with far greater love rekindled in their hearts.

Each country has a collective consciousness and many nations have karmic hell to pay [like a Brexit boomerang upon economic Imperialists].  Does this newborn veteran activism awareness have a similar collective consciousness?  Will it now look around and speculate “What else around here, in the Corporate States of America, has gone horribly unjustly wrong?”

A hair-trigger away from becoming an oppositional variant of the oil mongering evil that helped create them, their hearts and minds, despite their conditioned response to kill, must now somehow consciously stay on the peaceful side of the ledger.  In order to be better than their corporate money corrupted government they must add to their credos, such as ‘Semper Fi’ (Always Faithful), Universal Laws such as ‘We Are One” and “Love Is Law”.

America’s founding fathers were wise enough to ensure that the only thing to which military officers swear an oath is the U.S. Constitution.  Somehow they foresaw possibilities, so heinous, so horribly corrupt, in the possible future as the government dropping buildings on its own populace in order to justify war for oil.

Will veterans, and active duty soldiers, continue to do what’s right on home soil?

Time will tell.

The Sound of Silence

Art Garfunkel once summed up the song’s meaning as “The inability of people to communicate with each other, not particularly internationally but especially emotionally, so what you see around you are people unable to love each other.”



Trump Vs. God

Edgar Cayce said that the prayers of 25 people can change the course of a nation.

“The prayers of ten may save a city; the prayers of twenty-five may save a nation – as the prayers and activities of one may! But in unity there is strength.”  1598-2

Prior to the recent (Nov. 2016) U.S. presidential election of Donald Trump the only related group prayer that I’m aware of was that of Course In Miracles proponent and spiritual author, teacher, and lecturer Marianne Williamson.  Therein prayerful participants requested “Place thy hand upon both Trump and Clinton. May they both arrive where you would have them be.”

There was no request for the victory of either candidate, so, if the prayers were effective, then God wanted Trump to win and it was the best possible outcome in a severely limited field of possibilities.

People’s perception of the Trump victory varies.  For visible minorities it’s regarded as mostly racism rearing its ugly head again and unconscionable that the white majority didn’t stand up for them.  For some women the results feel like more of the misogyny of the ages in that a woman can’t get elected as president even against such an obviously inferior man.  I suspect that the overriding issue is the corporatocracy – the significant extent to which corporations run the country often representing selfishness to a genuinely evil extent. Ie. Control of food, control of water, control of energy etc.

President Obama stated, after the election, the usual rhetorical “We’ll have to figure out what we did wrong and do better.” I wonder if they’re truly interested in examining their monetization honestly?  President Obama just signed the Monsanto Protection Act and has kept the nation legally in denial about the now-obvious benefits of medical marijuana for the continued enrichment of the deadly pharmaceutical opioid pushers. Hillary has cozied up to the worst bankers in the world and the military/oil establishments are currently illegally bombing eight Middle Eastern countries abroad and shooting innocent female journalists in the back domestically at Standing Rock.

The current status quo business-as-usual government is actually quite heinous in its activities and I believe that this, and maybe DNC voter fraud, (and maybe even a whistleblower murder), during the primaries, is what the electorate voted against. They wanted change and, lacking Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump was the only viable option left even if he is a nihilist.

President-elect Trump may now compel us to look at all the things that we’ve been trying to avert our eyes from – and finally deal with them one-by-one.

One of these issues is the oil pipeline at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

No other issue has evoked more known prayers recently from all around the world, as well as daily from within the prayer camp. In fact, these prayers may have already influenced the election; While criminal and felonious assaults by the militarized police were being broadcast all over social media, Hillary’s poll numbers were dropping like a rock. This on the weekend immediately prior to the election.  While Donald Trump is directly personally invested in the pipeline, and enjoyed a campaign contribution from them, Hillary Clinton is the face of the status quo blood-for-oil establishment.

So what will happen next?  Donald Trump is such a prolific liar that no one truly knows what’s in his heart beyond getting himself elected.  It’s broadly assumed, however, that he will continue to do what is best only for himself as he always has; He’s likely to clamp down hard on the Standing Rock protest.

So what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable rock?

Continue to pray for Standing Rock.  It couldn’t hurt and could make you part of something really big and positive.  The same goes for the Donald.  He’ll be running the country soon and all concerned can use all the prayers that they can get.

Then watch what happens.




The Cause of, and Treatment for, Psoriasis

Edgar Cayce on the cause of, and treatment for, psoriasis:

“The conditions that exist through the thinning of the walls of the intestines allow the poisons to find expressions in the lymph circulation; thus producing the irritation to and through the epidermis itself” READING 2455-2

Dr. Pagano was a chiropractor.  With his groundwork it wouldn’t be very difficult for a medical researcher to replicate his results thereby establishing themselves as the historic pioneer, in their field, for this discovery.  Simple diet is the primary cause and cure.

Clinical Research Data

“Q.  Please give me the cause and cure for the so-called psoriasis with which I am troubled.
“A.  The cause is the thinning of the walls of the intestinal system, which allows the escaping of poisons – or the absorption of same by the muco-membranes which surround same, and becomes effective in the irritation through the lymph and emunctory reactions in the body.
     “An effective cure for same is first being mindful of the diet, during the periods when these necessary elements would be given for creating those activities within the system to close such conditions:
      “In the system we would use elm water and saffron water.  These would be taken in the ordinary drinking water, during periods of one, two to three weeks at a time.  All the drinking water, carrying, then, either a small quantity of elm or the Saffron.  For this adds to the assimilating system those properties that become effective to the aiding of building within the system itself those conditions that will overcome such activities in the system.
     “The diet during such periods should be more of vegetables than of meats or sweets, so that there are those reactions that make for better unification in the membranes’ reaction within the body.”     (289-1)

The intestinal permeation cause of psoriasis is a fact that can be taken to be absolutely true and accurate.  While I’m told that every sufferer’s situation can be significantly improved via this diet, Edgar Cayce gave his readings for specific individuals an not as general cures.  While the results are good the efficacy of this diet varies.

Worldwide Psoriasis Organizations

International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA)

Psoriasis International Network, a program of the Fondation René Touraine,

National Psoriasis Foundation (USA)

Psoriasis Society of Canada       Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients

Deutscher Psoriasis Bund e.V. (Germany)        Accio Psoriaski (Spain)

The Inter-regional Charitable Non Governmental Organization “Society of Patients with Psoriasis” (Russia)

Psoriasis Australia Inc.       Israel Psoriasis Association       Japan Psoriasis Association

Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland        Psorphil, Psoriasis Philippine Online Community Inc.

Asociación Puertorriqueña de Ayuda al Paciente de Psoriasis, APAPP (Puerto Rico)

Psoriasis Scotland, PSALV       The Psoriasis Association of Singapore

Psoriasisförbundet, The Swedish Psoriasis Association

Asociación Civil para el Enfermo de Psoriasis (AEPSO) (Argentina)

Pso-Austria Verein und Selbsthilfegruppe der Psoriatikerlnnen in Österreich (PSO – Austria)

PSORIASIS LIGA VLAANDEREN vzw (Belgium)       GIPSO (Belgium)

Association of people suffering from psoriasis and psoriatic disorders (Bulgaria)

Chilean Psoriasis Organization       Fundapso-Colombia

Psoriatic and Atopic Eczema Association Czech Republic (SPAE)

Danmarks Psoriasis Forening (Denmark)       Psonuves, Psoriasis Nueva Vida El Salvador

EPsoL- Estonian Psoriasis Association       Finnish Psoriasis Association

France Psoriasis       Irish Skin Foundation       Psoriasis Association of Malaysia

Samtök Psoriasis og Exemsjúklinga (SPOEX) Psoriasis and Exema, Association (Iceland)

Indonesian Psoriasis Care Foundation (Yayasan Peduli Psoriasis Indonesia, YPPI)

Mexican Association against Psoriasis, AMCPSO

The Psoriasis and Eczema Association of Norway (PEF) and
The Psoriasis- and Eczema Youth Association of Norway (PEF-ung)

Psoriasis of Panama Foundation       The Polish Psoriasis Association

PSOPortugal – Associacao Portuguesa da Psoríase        South African Psoriasis Association

Slovak Psoriatics and Atopics Association (Slovakia)

Schweizerische Psoriasis & Vitiligo Gesellschaft (SPVG) (Switzerland)

Psoriasis Patients Solidarity Association (Sedef Hastalan Dayanisma Dernegi) (Turkey)

Ukrainan Psoriasis Association       Venezuelan Association of Psoriasis, AVEPSO

Good Health!



Both Sides Now

I saw an interesting cloud formation earlier this summer.

Sadly, the camera wasn’t on-hand. As with many back deck sights, like the vision of an airliner flying nearby under a daylight full moon, or the crows chasing a large blue heron slingshoting around a nearby conifer, perhaps there are some events, and I wonder how many, that only I will ever get to see?

The cloud images were quite elaborate and dramatic.  It looked a GIANT turtle, with a huge gaping maw, chasing a second cloud of a tiny turtle desperately-running away. It was the terror of that tiny turtle that provided a revelation…

I’ve always thought that human beings evaluate other living things through an anthropomorphic lens; that is, the more like a human being the life form appears to be the more worthy of life it is.  Every living thing feeds on some other living thing even if it’s only after it has become compost. I thought that, from a totally objective standpoint in our circular food chain, a plant’s life is just as worthy as a human’s.

But, when it comes to fruit and vegetables, most of those organic entities want us to eat them. Most, if not all, of life survives via seduction and fruits and vegetables want us to hungrily smell, lick, bite, and swallow them so that we might eliminate their progeny into fertile ground.  At the very least they’re hoping for some fertile ground nearby. (Sorry, plants.)

There’s a big difference between desiring consumption and watching your family die one-by-one just ahead of you on the killing floor.

What that terrified little turtle cloud taught me was about the emotional component involved in consumption. This appears to be the moral component of meat vs. vegetables.

This evaluation is just about food.  Trees, and that thin layer of flora that supports all of life on Earth, is a another matter.

Humans Vs. Plants


Instant Gratification

“The Universe is on to us”.

Non-local Quantum Consciousness wins every time.

One of the hardest things to comprehend re. ‘Oneness’ is the oneness of time.

Edgar Cayce stated that when we advance spiritually in the present we also advance correspondingly in our past lives.

When I asked author, A.R.E. CEO, and lecturer Kevin Todeschi if this meant that it’ll all be over in an instant, he responded: “Exactly.”

Here’s to ‘Enjoying Our Instant Together!”

Isn’t it Exquisite?



Here’s the story of what happened to me Sunday at our annual Vancouver Edgar Cayce Group picnic.

First of all, instead of postponing the event, a couple of us performed some remarkable proactive sunny weather creation on a day forecast to be filled with periodic rain. But that’s not the story.

It’s become my custom, on this annual picnic, to go for a jog from Locarno through Jericho beaches around the lagoon, through the trees and back to our picnic site.

On several occasions our summer picnic date has coincided with the annual Brock House celebration at the far east side of Jericho beach. Yesterday was one of those days and it was my happy privilege, once again, to attend their party right at the halfway point in my jog. I thoroughly enjoyed the many displays, Bavarian dancers, and the surreal sounding band around the back playing a sort of slow motion, drunken-sounding dixieland. It was wonderful but – that’s not the story.

The most remarkable thing happened as I was jogging across the long diagonal of a field as I neared our picnic site on return; 3 or 4 swallows swooped around me and glided with me as I jogged. I stuck my arms out airplane-style as I ran; a virtually 60 yr. old man running along with his arms out as if he were a 7 yr. old boy in a school yard. The small group of swallows (don’t know the total number – never looked back) stayed with me beautifully, acrobatically, happily, flying beside me performing areal stunts all around as I ran along, arms out, feeling with them intense love and joy and happiness powerfully pumping from my heart and lungs. I don’t know if the swallows had recognized the simple arm gesture as an undertaking to become one with them or whether they could somehow sensed the elation that I felt as I flew across the field with them but it was one of those memories that you never forget.

That’s the story.

Tremendous Advantage

A tremendous advantage beckons…

Benefit, called forth and calling, demands engagement enticing a flirtation with sublime fascination itself. Hunger transforms into inspiration and fulfillment via passion and focus. Here you will see interest become intrigue as attraction is kindled in a lodestone that magnetizes all the things that matter the most.

Ambition and anticipation can be turned into secure certainty and constancy. With the right objective possibilities can be reinforced with absolute reliability. Rosiness becomes the vision of a positive virtuality rendered into one’s most highly-desired reality.

When undertaken it bestows boldness, certitude, confidence and credibility. Gratification and pride too inevitability ensue from the respectability, righteousness and sheer importance of what is being accomplished – and that adds significantly to the satisfaction.

First one must be certain to be prepared for occasional desired serenity; the gentle amity and comfort that comes with peaceful composure. It’s an ease of effortless freedom; a harmony of liberty and naturalness. Peace of heart and mind falls into quiescent order as self-assured soundness grows replete with serene gladness.

The first step is acknowledgement of one’s capacity for love; an acceptance of the ability to care greatly for, and even adore. It’s the commitment to the ownership of an alliance with altruism and community as part of the inherent respect and compassion that comes with genuine wide-held affection and adulation. Bliss, care, and charity grow from being choices into a real cognizance of compassion and benevolence. This is elevated delight. It’s the emotion of enchantment, of fidelity, of grace and of kindness. This is what everyone most wants. It’s heartsomeness, humanity, increase, and magnanimity. It’s revelry of rapturous elation. Service becomes exclusively positive and thoroughly enjoyable.

Happiness arrives as an adjunct – almost as if it wafts in unbidden by itself. It’s the alleviation brought by appreciation, a ‘blast of blessed bliss’, and the ‘boost of blithe brightness’ that everybody knows and is seeking to find again. Love-induced buoyancy and cheer is a celebration of convivial delight, a euphoria of good nature, and a bright exultation of pure fun and joviality. It’s laughter at its most playful transported by the sunshine of vivifying joy. It’s understandably well-liked.

The next step is to recognize the awe that is inherent in one’s particular place in the universe. To know how much more we get than we give and to understand the awesome SIZE and POWER of the Universe to which we are connected. It’s like being on the inside of a clap of thunder. It’s the amazement and flabbergast of intimately knowing true outworldly greatness. This is a reverence and regard that is sensational in scope and marvelous in its wonderment.

The final, and most important, step is transcendent gratitude; a happy joyous appreciativeness that is gratefulness combined with glory. It’s a heartfelt honouring with respect, recognition, and reverence for the sanctity of all that is yours. It’s an understanding of the verity of sincere thankfulness. It’s gramercy – great gratitude.

The foregoing has just taken you through the top 10 Positive Emotions: Interest, Amusement, Inspiration, Hope, Peace, Love, Joy, Awe and Gratitude.

All of them lead to ‘Oneness’.

If you think this is a good thing please share it.

Positive Emotions Full List