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Zero Point Energy & Dr. Steven Greer

Here’s an excellent primer on Zero Point Energy.

This synopsis gave me the impression that, via the zero point field, and perhaps Hitomi’s God particles, world benefit is manifesting from use of my Systemagic Motives website.

Significantly more so, the inevitable manifestation of Dr. Steven Greer’s best intentions are coming about in the same manner to greater benefit.  ‘Sooner is better’ so sharing his videos via social networking is important ASAP.


Dr. Greer’s Websites

The Disclosure Project             CSETI  UFO Ambassadors

SiriusDisclosure             Orion Project Energy Solutions


In one of his videos Dr. Greer states that 70% of the members of the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence (MAJI) community are currently in favour of peaceful ‘Disclosure’ of extraterrestrial visitation.  That’s well beyond the tipping point making such Disclosure appear extremely likely.  Like so many other significant social transitions it looks like disclosure is, at slowest, just a matter of the inevitable atrophy of the old guard – and how many of them have already made posthumous arrangements for more data revelations via Dr. Greer?  Eschatologist members may get to experience the exciting re-evolution of their own dominion.

As a positive lexicologist I’m pretty sure that, with eschatologists as a desirable personnel profile, the Majority Intelligence Committee needs to re-evaluate their definition of “Intelligence”.  What would the most apt adjective be?

Happy Millennium!