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How Best to Help The Poor

Evidently some people claim that no one has ever said the statement posited at the opening of the above video; “Immigration can help reduce world poverty” citing that this could be an argument for outsourcing.  It identifies the initiative of the indigenous people as the solution however, and not an external employer.  The excellent question; “Who deserves our compassion?” is also asked.  The minimum standard answer, in terms of immigration, is ‘Refugees’.   “The poorest of the poor” is a good response in general.   It also wisely points out how and where best to help them; “Where they are”.  It ends with the statement “Let’s help them there”.

Where, precisely, is that?

No one points this out better than KIVA and a loan only costs $25.

Other foreign aid could be prioritized to water because it’s so fundamental that no one can work on anything else until they have it.

Beyond that solar panels for nocturnal enlightenment and/or hardware charging . Cell phones help a producer to get the best possible price for crops/products/materials etc.

The first step in transportation-related hardware is a bicycle.  It greatly expedites business including getting products and services to market.  Local bicycle industries are a good home-based business idea in some areas.

Donations turn thoughts into things quickly

As a consequence of thinking about this video a link to the University of the People  was added to some International Positive Adjectives (Hindi, China, Latin America [Spanish]) pages of our Systemagic website.   It’s the first fully accredited online university with free tuition and text books.  It offers a free education to the poor of the world based solely on their educational merit.