Solar Power Now

New light is dawning.

Worldwide growth of photovoltaics for solar energy has been fitting an exponential curve for more than two decades and the industry, in the U.S., is growing at 12 times the rate of the rest of the economy.  Solar energy is the front runner in terms of everything good about energy including the obvious geopolitical implications.  No wonder everyone is embracing it.

US Solar Energy Employs more people than oil coal and gas combined – Forbes  [Related ‘Homemade Solar Power’ Links.  Worth it if your home is staying in your family as well as for resale attraction.]

From mega solar farms to lighting the smallest hut the democratization of energy via solarvoltaics is not only underway but skyrocketing!

The really good news is that Solar Power is expected to be the dominant form of energy by 2050; and an inevitable certainty is always a good thing to run with.  In fact, because it’s more efficient and economical the oil industry itself has been using Solar Power.

Being knowledgeable about EV or hybrid car options will soon be normal.

A “Teslaphile” originally meant someone who loves the man Nicola Tesla, and what he stood for, but recently the word’s meaning has evolved to include the electric cars.  Tesla is the car company that has most elevated electric cars to the status of something that would be cool to drive. Will the meaning of Teslaphile one day also include the company’s interests in Solar Power generation and storage?

Nearest Tesla Dealership and Charging Stations Locator

One of the least expensive entry-level energy-saving cars, from a reliable company, is the hybrid Toyota Prius C.

Literally, metaphorically, empirically, spiritually and, importantly; inevitably its time to head towards the light with all due alacrity.  It’s time to enjoy a certain sunrise industry.  No matter what the news brings, the future is ‘Sunny Side Up’.




    1. Thanks for the kind words. B4 I joined Facebook (FB) I used think, when musing, more in terms of writing editorial blog posts – at least once a month. Now I’m posting up to 4 times daily (shooting where the ducks aren’t flying) on featuring my POSITIVE WORDS OF THE DAY and other related memes. (It has an intended long-term catalytic affect) So now my musing time has truncated into composing short memes on a minimally visual parchment background.

      Writing blog posts makes more immediate sense in terms of reaching readers, but working on the POSITIVE WORDS themselves makes the most sense in reaching (80K/m) people and the low-traffic FB posts are a part of that.

      Notwithstanding today I’ve logged in with the thought of composing a new blog post – without the foggiest idea, yet, what the post will be about.

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