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Trump Vs. God

Edgar Cayce said that the prayers of 25 people can change the course of a nation.

“The prayers of ten may save a city; the prayers of twenty-five may save a nation – as the prayers and activities of one may! But in unity there is strength.”  1598-2

Prior to the recent (Nov. 2016) U.S. presidential election of Donald Trump the only related group prayer that I’m aware of was that of Course In Miracles proponent and spiritual author, teacher, and lecturer Marianne Williamson.  Therein prayerful participants requested “Place thy hand upon both Trump and Clinton. May they both arrive where you would have them be.”

There was no request for the victory of either candidate, so, if the prayers were effective, then God wanted Trump to win and it was the best possible outcome in a severely limited field of possibilities.

People’s perception of the Trump victory varies.  For visible minorities it’s regarded as mostly racism rearing its ugly head again and unconscionable that the white majority didn’t stand up for them.  For some women the results feel like more of the misogyny of the ages in that a woman can’t get elected as president even against such an obviously inferior man.  I suspect that the overriding issue is the corporatocracy – the significant extent to which corporations run the country often representing selfishness to a genuinely evil extent. Ie. Control of food, control of water, control of energy etc.

President Obama stated, after the election, the usual rhetorical “We’ll have to figure out what we did wrong and do better.” I wonder if they’re truly interested in examining their monetization honestly?  President Obama just signed the Monsanto Protection Act and has kept the nation legally in denial about the now-obvious benefits of medical marijuana for the continued enrichment of the deadly pharmaceutical opioid pushers. Hillary has cozied up to the worst bankers in the world and the military/oil establishments are currently illegally bombing eight Middle Eastern countries abroad and shooting innocent female journalists in the back domestically at Standing Rock.

The current status quo business-as-usual government is actually quite heinous in its activities and I believe that this, and maybe DNC voter fraud, (and maybe even a whistleblower murder), during the primaries, is what the electorate voted against. They wanted change and, lacking Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump was the only viable option left even if he is a nihilist.

President-elect Trump may now compel us to look at all the things that we’ve been trying to avert our eyes from – and finally deal with them one-by-one.

One of these issues is the oil pipeline at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

No other issue has evoked more known prayers recently from all around the world, as well as daily from within the prayer camp. In fact, these prayers may have already influenced the election; While criminal and felonious assaults by the militarized police were being broadcast all over social media, Hillary’s poll numbers were dropping like a rock. This on the weekend immediately prior to the election.  While Donald Trump is directly personally invested in the pipeline, and enjoyed a campaign contribution from them, Hillary Clinton is the face of the status quo blood-for-oil establishment.

So what will happen next?  Donald Trump is such a prolific liar that no one truly knows what’s in his heart beyond getting himself elected.  It’s broadly assumed, however, that he will continue to do what is best only for himself as he always has; He’s likely to clamp down hard on the Standing Rock protest.

So what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable rock?

Continue to pray for Standing Rock.  It couldn’t hurt and could make you part of something really big and positive.  The same goes for the Donald.  He’ll be running the country soon and all concerned can use all the prayers that they can get.

Then watch what happens.