Tremendous Advantage

A tremendous advantage beckons…

Benefit, called forth and calling, demands engagement enticing a flirtation with sublime fascination itself. Hunger transforms into inspiration and fulfillment via passion and focus. Here you will see interest become intrigue as attraction is kindled in a lodestone that magnetizes all the things that matter the most.

Ambition and anticipation can be turned into secure certainty and constancy. With the right objective possibilities can be reinforced with absolute reliability. Rosiness becomes the vision of a positive virtuality rendered into one’s most highly-desired reality.

When undertaken it bestows boldness, certitude, confidence and credibility. Gratification and pride too inevitability ensue from the respectability, righteousness and sheer importance of what is being accomplished – and that adds significantly to the satisfaction.

First one must be certain to be prepared for occasional desired serenity; the gentle amity and comfort that comes with peaceful composure. It’s an ease of effortless freedom; a harmony of liberty and naturalness. Peace of heart and mind falls into quiescent order as self-assured soundness grows replete with serene gladness.

The first step is acknowledgement of one’s capacity for love; an acceptance of the ability to care greatly for, and even adore. It’s the commitment to the ownership of an alliance with altruism and community as part of the inherent respect and compassion that comes with genuine wide-held affection and adulation. Bliss, care, and charity grow from being choices into a real cognizance of compassion and benevolence. This is elevated delight. It’s the emotion of enchantment, of fidelity, of grace and of kindness. This is what everyone most wants. It’s heartsomeness, humanity, increase, and magnanimity. It’s revelry of rapturous elation. Service becomes exclusively positive and thoroughly enjoyable.

Happiness arrives as an adjunct – almost as if it wafts in unbidden by itself. It’s the alleviation brought by appreciation, a ‘blast of blessed bliss’, and the ‘boost of blithe brightness’ that everybody knows and is seeking to find again. Love-induced buoyancy and cheer is a celebration of convivial delight, a euphoria of good nature, and a bright exultation of pure fun and joviality. It’s laughter at its most playful transported by the sunshine of vivifying joy. It’s understandably well-liked.

The next step is to recognize the awe that is inherent in one’s particular place in the universe. To know how much more we get than we give and to understand the awesome SIZE and POWER of the Universe to which we are connected. It’s like being on the inside of a clap of thunder. It’s the amazement and flabbergast of intimately knowing true outworldly greatness. This is a reverence and regard that is sensational in scope and marvelous in its wonderment.

The final, and most important, step is transcendent gratitude; a happy joyous appreciativeness that is gratefulness combined with glory. It’s a heartfelt honouring with respect, recognition, and reverence for the sanctity of all that is yours. It’s an understanding of the verity of sincere thankfulness. It’s gramercy – great gratitude.

The foregoing has just taken you through the top 10 Positive Emotions: Interest, Amusement, Inspiration, Hope, Peace, Love, Joy, Awe and Gratitude.

All of them lead to ‘Oneness’.

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