Monthly Archives: May 2016

Systemagic Motives Facebook Page

This is to let my blog readers know that ever since starting the Systemagic Motives Facebook Page my writing muse has been vented in the daily positive word bites posted there weekdays. Thoughts previously devoted to thinking about writing in a blog format are being preempted by the undertaking to post a positive language-based thought every day.

Today’s post was larger than most:

“I previously wrote about the Organizational Behavior maxim which states that some compliments to employees will magically become true the moment that you utter them even if they weren’t true when you started to speak. These are compliments about work quality and autonomy. What other of the thousands of positive adjectives available would manifest in employees if only simply uttered by management?

It’s just like the old Jedi mind control trick.

This web page makes giving these compliments easy….”

The humanoids that you’re looking for are there for the price of treating them respectfully and optimistically.

To receive more such quick positive language posts on weekdays, if you’re on Facebook, please feel free to “Like” this Facebook Page.


A good day have, you shall.