To the World’s Police

To the World’s Police; secret services and Big Brothers of our thoughts:

Know the law.

In being the world’s police a certain amount of righteousness is presumed to be inherent.

Integrity is an individual matter (with God) and Intent is everything.

Who protects our governments, and thereby the people, from corporate corruption? I would have expected the buck to stop with you. Who else?

When there even exist boiler rooms for party fundraising by legislators you know that politicians are valued for their relationship equity.

What compromises, such as assaults on natural resources, are made with these relationships?  Who governs who?  Who serves who?

If the Patriot Act, C-51, and all the other similar acts are intended to target in any way, the greatest immediate danger, then you need to know that the greatest terror is coming from the well-funded corporate direction.

See them now?



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