Sexy Romantic Adjectives

Romantic/Sexy Adjectives

The most loving words in the English language

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  • Back-arching, Beauteous, Beautiful, Becoming, Bedazzling, Beloved, Best, Best-loved, Bewitching, Beyond compare, Binding, Blossomed, Blossoming, Blooming, Bodacious, Bonny, Bonzer, Bosomy, Bottomless, Brazen, Breathtaking, Brilliant, Buccal, Budding, Buff, Built, Bulging, Buoyant, Bursting, Busty, Buxom.


  • CallipygousCandescent, Canoodling, Captivating, Cared for, Caressible, Caressing, Caring, Carnal, Charmed, Charming, Cherished, Cherishing, Cherry, Chiseled, Choice, Choicest, Chosen, Climactic, Cock-a-hoop, Cocky, Columbine, Come-at-able, Come-hither, Comely, Coming, Co-mingling, Companionable, Compassionate, Compatible, Compelling, Complaisant, Concupiscent, ConfelicitousConjugate, Connected, Connective, Consensual, Consonant, Consummate, Convulsive, Coquettish, Coruscant, Courtly, Cozy, Coy, Crazy about, Creamy, Cuddlesome, Cuddly, Culminating, Curvaceous, Curvy, Cute.
  • Dapatical, Dapper, Darling, Dashing, Dazzling, Dear, Dearest, Debonair, Delicate, Delectable, Delicious, Delightful, Demulcent, Desired, Desirable, Desirous, Devoted, Dewy, Disarming, Divine, Doable, Doting, Dreamy,  Dulcet, Dynamite.
  • Eager, Easy, Ecstatic, Effervescent, Elastic, Elated, Elating, Electric, Electrifying, Elegant, Eligible, Emerging, Enamoured, Enamouring, Enchanted, Enchanting, Endeared, Endearing, Endowed, Energizing, Engaging, Engorged, Enjoyable, Enjoyed, Enlivened, Enlivening, Enough, Enrapturing, Enriching, Enthralling, Enthusiastic, Enticed, Enticing, Entrancing, Epigamic, Equal, Equipollent, Equipped, Erect, Erogenous, Erogenized, Erotic, Evocative, Eruptive, Exceptional, Excited, Exciting, Exhilarating, Expergefacient, Exploding, Exquisite, Exotic, Extraordinary, Eye-catching, Eyesome.
  • Fab, Fabulous, Fair, Fantastic, Fascinating, Favoured, Favourite, Featous, Feelgood, Feeling, Feline, Felt, Feminine, Fertile, Fervid, Fetching, Fiery, Filled, Filling, Fine, Finer, Finest, Firm, First-class, Fit, Five-star, Flavourful, Flavoursome, Flawless, Fleshy, Flexible, Flirtatious, Flirty, Flower-like, Flurried, Fond, Fondling,  Forbearing, Foxy, Frabjous, Frenzied, Fresh, Frisky, Frolicsome, Fuckable, Fulfilled, Fulfilling, Fulgent, Full, Fun.
  • Gallant, Game, Generous, Gamesome, Gelastic, Genetic, Gentle, Gentlemanly, Genuine, Getable, Get-at-able, Giving, Glabrous, Glamorous, Gleaming, Glistening, Glowing, Gnarly, Goodhearted, Good-humoured, Good-looking, Gooshy, Gorgeous, Graceful, Gracile, Gracious, Gradely, Gratifying, Grinding, Gushing, Gushy, Guttural, Gymnastic.

  • Handsome, Hard, Harmonious, Haunting, Heartfelt, Heart-stopping, Heavenly, High-class, High quality, High-spirited, Honeyed, Honourable, Honoured, Horizontal, Horny, Hot, Huggy, Huggable, Hunky, Hypnotic.
  • Ideal, Illecebrous, Illimitable, Immeasurable, Impassioned, Impeccable, Impish, Impressive, Incomparable, Indomitable, Inebriating, Infatuated, Infatuating, In fine fettle (good spirits), Ineffable, Infinite, Ingoing, Inguinal, Inimitable, In my heart, Inseparable, Inspiriting, Interconnected, Intense, Interesting, Interfused, Interfusing, Intertwined, Intertwining, Intimate, Intoxicating, Intriguing, Invigorating, Inviting, Irrepressible, Irresistible.
  •  Jimp, Joyous, Juicy, Junoesque.


  • Ladylike, Laudable, Lautitious, Lepid, Liberating, Libertine, Libidinous, Liefly, Lickable, Likable, Liked, Like-minded, Light, Limber, Lingual, Lissome, Lithe, Lithesome, Lovable, Loved, Lovely, Lovesick, Loving, Loyal, Lubricious, Lucky, Luscious, Lush, Lusory, Lusty.

Positive Words That Describe Men

  • Mad about, Magical, Magistral, Magnetic, Magnificent, Major league, Malleable, Manly, Mannerly, Margaric, Margaritiferous, Marmorial, Masculine, Massagable, Masterful, Matchless, Maximal, Melded, Mellifluous, Melliloquent, Mellisonant, Memorable, Meracious, Mesmerizing, Miraculous, Mirthful, Mischievous, Moist, Most excellent, Mouthwatering, Moving, Multidimensional, Muscular, Mutual.
  • Natty, Natural, Naughty, Near to one’s heart, Necessary, Needed, Never-failing, Nice, Nifty, Nimble, Nippy, Nitid, Noctiflorous, Nonpareil, Nourishing, Nubigenous, Nubile, Number one, Numero uno, Nutty about, Nuts over.

Use these to describe an “Oh!”

  • Olympian, One, One and only, Oneiric, On-the-button, Ooshy, Oozing, Oozy, Open, Open-hearted, Open-minded, Optimal, Optimum, Oral, Orgasmic, Original, OrpheanOscular, Out-of-sight, Out-of-this-world, Outstanding, Overflowing, Overjoying.
  • Palpating, Palpitating, Paridisiacal, Participative, Participatory, Passionate, Peachy, Peach-like, Peachy keen, Pelvic, Perky, Pert, Partial, Penetrant, Penetrating,  Peregal, Perfect,  Permissive, Permeating, Personable, Personal, Pert, Petite, Phenomabomb (slang), Phenomenal, Pheromonal, Picked, Picturesque,  Pierean, Pillowy, Pink, Piquant, Playful, Pleasant, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Pliable, Plowing, Pluckable, Plum, Plummy, Plunging, Poetic, Polite, Pollent, Porcelain, Positive,  Pounding, Potent, Pouty, Powerful, Precious, Preferred, Prefulgent, Premium,  Prepossessing, Presenting, Pretty, Priceless, Prickly, Pricking, Primal, Prime, Primed, Primo, Principled, Pro, Probative, Profulgent, Protean, Provocative, Prized, Prize-winning, Promising, Prurient,  Pulchritudinous, Pukka, Pulsating, Pulsing, Pukka, Pumped, Pumped up, Pumping, Pure.
  • Qualitative, Quality, Quintessential.


  • Racy, Rad, Radiant, Randy, Rapturous, Rare, Rascally, Rathe, Ravishing, Ready, Receptive, Recherché, Reciprocal, Redolent, Refreshing, Refulgent, Rejuvenating, Relaxing, Reliable, Relished, Relishing, Remarkable, Reproductive, Respectable, Respected, Restorative, Reverberant, Revitalizing, Reviviscent, Rewarding, Rhapsodic, Right on, Risorial, Risqué, Robust, Rollicking, Romantic, Rosy, Roused, Rousing, Rutilant.
  • Sanguine, Satisfied, Satisfying, Saturnalian, Saucy, Satiny, Savoury, Scented, Scintillant, Scintillated, Scintillating, Scintillescent,  Scrumptious, Sculpted, Second-to-none, Seductive, Select, selected, Sensate, Sensational, Sensuous, Sensual, Sentimental, Sensitive, Sexual, Sexy, Shapely, Shimmering, Shining, Shiny-eyed, Shipshape, Sightly, Silken, Silky, Sincere, Sinewy, Sinuous, Slamin’, Sleek, Slinky, Slippery, Smashing, Smiling, Smitten, Smooth, Snugly, Soft, Sonsy, Solacious, Solid gold, Something else, Sought, Spanking, Sparkling, Special, Spectacular, Spellbinding, Spicy, Spiffy, Spirited, Spiritual, Splendiferous, Splendorous, Spread, Sprightly, Spunky, Squeezy, Squirting, Squishy, Statuesque, Steamy, Stellar, Sterling, Sthenic, Stimulating, Stimulative, Stimulatory, Stirring, Strapping, Stunning, Striking, Stylish, Suave, Suaveolent, Sublime, Succulent, Suckable, Sufficient, Suggestive, Suitable, Suited, Sultry, Sumptuous, Sunny, Super, Super-angelic, Superb, Super-duper, Super-excellent, Superior, Superlative, Supple, Supported, Supporting, Supportive, Supreme, Surpassing, Svelte, Swarthy, Swaying, Sweaty, Sweet, Sweet-smelling, Swell, Swelling, Swirling, Swollen, Sybaritic, Synergistic, Supernal.


  • Tantalizing, Tasty, Teasing,  Tempean, Tempting, Tender, Terrific, There, Thoughtful, Thrilling, Throbbing, Thrusting, Thumping, Ticklish, Tight, Tip-top, Titillated, Titillating, Toe-curling, Toe-spreading, Toothsome, Totally-tubular, Tops, Top drawer, Topless, Touchable, Touching, Transcendent, Transnormal, Treasurable, Treasured, Tremendous, Trim, True, True-blue, Trusted, Trustworthy, Trusty, Tumescent, Tumid, Turgid, Twenty-four carat, Twitterpated, Twitterpating, Tympanic.

If I could change the alphabet I’d put U and I together.

  • Unabashed, Uncommon, Undulating, Unencumbered, Unfettered, Unified, Unifying, Unique, Unisonous, Unisonant, Unisonal, United, Uniting, Unlimited, Unparalleled, Unrivalled, Untarnished, Unsurpassed, Unusual, Unwithdrawing, Unzymotic, Up-and-coming, Upbuilding, Upcoming, Up Front, Uplifting, Upright, Upstanding, Upwardly, Uxorial.
  • Valuable, Valued, Vegete, Velvety, Venerated, Venust, Vernal, Versatile, Vibrant, Vigorous, Virile, Vital, Vitalizing, Vitative, Vivacious, Vivifying, Voluptuary, Voluptuous.
  • Wanted, Warm, Warm-hearted, Welcome, Welcoming, Well-built, Well-liked, Well-made, Well-proportioned, Well-received, Well-suited, Wet, Wild, Wild about, Wiggly, Whimsical, Whiz-bang, Wholehearted, Willing, Winning, Winsome, With it, Without equal, Womanly, Wonderful, Wondrous, World class, Worthy, Wriggly, Writhing.
  • Yummy.
  • Zazzy, Zestful and Zesty.

A few Rare Positive Nouns:

Agacerie  n.  allurement; coquetry; enchantment; enticement

Androphile n. one who is attracted to men

Beguin n. infatuation

Billet-doux n. a love letter

Lenity n. forgiveness; leniency

Gynecophilia   n. attraction to women  aka Gynephilia and Gynophilia

Pygophile n. one who loves the human buttocks

Sexology n.  the study of sex

Volupty n. Voluptuousness

There are Many More Personal Adjectives that could be romantic to the person who it befits.

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