The Good Book

When I was in high school I wanted to be a writer.
After high school the only title for a book that I could come up with was, perhaps presumptuously, “The Good Book”.  I wasn’t quite sure what exactly “Good” meant but I wanted the book to be that. Sadly, I had no content to fill it, or any other, book.

The little white dot in the upper left corner of the cover is an eyeball that knows your intent.

Much Later I would publish a bi-monthly cafe’-distributed publication; The Coffee Chronicles. The editorial policy was always to uplift, inspire and intrigue the (40K/m) local audience. If I was going to get into the hearts and minds of 40K readers/m then I wanted to take them the most positive places. The assemblage included lots of humour; (known worldwide to be funnier than mere ‘humor’).  I counted 13 stories of people who would journey in from out-of-town to read and/or collect a copy.

In the transition to the Internet, as an outgrowth of previously published Positive Adjective Wordfind Puzzles I manually flipped through the Oxford Dictionary page-by-page and extracted every positive adjective that I could find to post in my online Positive Adjective Glossary.

Ten years later, about five years back, this web page went through a growth spurt in traffic which now ranges from 50K – 100K visitors/m. Consequently I created many similar pages, including translations into other languages.  Of these the Romantic Adjectives and Positive Nouns are now most popular.

It has beens 15 years since I first started these pages and I’m still adding lots more words including hundreds of new Positive Adjectives this year including ‘Bodacious’, ‘Boffo’, and “Ducky”.

“Remember that a good laugh, an arousing even to what might in some be called hilariousness, is good for the body, physically, mentally, and gives the opportunity for greater mental and spiritual awakening.”  – Edgar Cayce 2647-1

To this end I’ve assembled these Funny Definitions many of which are self-created or pared down from longer puns.

The Web Page that I always most wanted people to read is Unlimited Love.  I closed a local cable TV interview recounting this page and punctuated it with: “I wonder what affect this had on 50K readers and now… on your (>90K ) audience?”  The studio show, running long on time, ended with the impact of that question and the next 2 incoming interviewees came in saying; “Whoaaoo! How are we gonna follow that!?” The show aired at least twice.

Having been a spiritual seeker most of my life I’ve found the greatest body of truth that could be counted upon to be found in the teachings of Edgar Cayce. As a relative Facebook newbie my primary messages to that small audience, as well as those of this blog, has been the two most basic Universal Laws:

1. We are One   2. Love is Law

They’d be great political slogans.

My wife has started writing a novel and, over breakfast at Cosmos’ Cafe & Bistro this morning, she asked if I’ve ever wanted to write a book.

Looking back on my life it rather seems like “The Good Book” has been writing itself piecemeal all along.  Those pieces may end up becoming my memoirs – printed on recycled pixels.

End of Part I



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