Right Brain Politics

Beyond voting I’m not usually a particularly political person but the upcoming elections seem to invite participation.

With these elections looming there are a couple of personal attributes worth considering that would be found desirable, by anyone, in any leader: 1) Ability to see the “Big Picture”, and 2) Love.  How does your candidate stack up with regard to these two talents/capabilities?

Left Brain Users want to terminate everything.  In a lover’s quarrel men usually seek a happy ending whereas women seek an on-going loving understanding and involvement.

Men predominantly use only the left side of their brain.  Women use both sides.   Men are terminal.  Women are more “Big Picture” and love.

See [See time code 29.50 – 32.19  of the above Youtube video about experiments on individuals with a severed corpus callosum.  The (left hemisphere) right hand is unable to complete, or even conceive of, the simplest “BIG picture” puzzles.  The (right hemisphere) left hand even sometimes grows impatient with the right hand’s inability pushing it asside and trying to complete the puzzle itself.  The individual’s two hands sincerely perform a mini fight/dance with each other.

Many women enjoy the thought that, if women were the world’s leaders then there wouldn’t be any conflict due to their maternal nurturing instincts.  Unfortunately history doesn’t yet stack up in favour of the hypothesis as evidenced by the relatively recent military actions of Margaret Thatcher and Indira Ghandi.  Golda Meir may have come the closest when, during the Arab-Israeli War she, at least, backed by the US war machine, initiated Peace Talks with the United Arab Republic.  Not a great record.  Notwithstanding I’d love to give women a greater chance to lead based on their inherent right brain ability and potential, and given a mandate of demonstrating “Big Picture” and love. This held accountable to a well-funded public oversight committee.

[Aside: Israel is going to have to find a way to share the Temple on the Mount. God is God. Love is Love. Neighbours are neighbours.  There’s a 2nd commandment about them.  Edgar Cayce’s 2nd Universal Law is “Love is law, law is love.”  His 1st is “We are One” including nature.]

Speaking of oversight Edgar Cayce stated that: “There are very few who power doesn’t destroy”.  This is a very good reason that political terms should be limited and not become careers.

So, again…  …how does your candidate stack up to the criteria of 1) Big Picture and, 2) Love?  Which of the other candidates appear to have these abilities coupled with the traditional necessary left brain linear logical and conclusive talent?


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