Dark Matter – A Galactic Muse

Dark matter theory (DMT) presumes that our Milky Way Galaxy, of which the Earth’s solar system is relatively a microscopic constituent, is spinning outwardly like a pinwheel when the evidence, the need to identify dark matter, suggests that it’s more likely that the Milky Way is spiraling, notwithstanding a recently discovered central bulge, as if into a whirlpool, into the supermassive black hole in its center.

Despite the fact that it’s popularly believed that our black hole is too small and weak to affect worlds so far out as Earth the sought-after dark matter mass may more aptly be found within the black hole where dark matter belongs.

I wonder how the gravitational prowess of our black hole is presumed to be measured as insufficiently influential when countless solar systems, stars and planets have disappeared down its gullet for time beyond measure?  It’s more likely that attempted measurements have been too small.

Galactus – Eater of Worlds

Martyan Torus Theory hypothesizes that the Milky Way galaxy is not only spinning like a wheel but also spinning concentrically inward.  What little matter the galaxy throws off at the outer rims of its spiral arms will only likely work its way back inward in the fullness of time to resume its inevitable inwardly rotating spiral.

Any sustained natural vortex necessitates that an outlet must exist.  If our black hole is the ingress to the center of the torus then there must also be an outlet for the tremendous energy at some unknown distance most probably concentric with the center of our black hole.  Would the depth of such a torus resemble a dimpled orange, a bagel, or a donut?  It could be challenging to locate a concentric outlet-like phenomenon at an unknown distance particularly if we don’t exactly know what it looks like other than expulsive energy equal to that of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole.  It may be easier to identify a toroidal outlet following the gravitation concentrically opposite to some other remote galaxy.

New stars and planets are being born in our solar system all the time.  Is it possible that the raw materials first circumnavigate the long journey around the outer circumference of a great torus?

Being Galactus intolerant is a waste of time. One option is to just ride the spiral inward facing it head on like the Silver Surfer.

Cowabunga and Amen!

Another alternative would be, with faster-than-light travel, to explore, most efficiently, for new worlds outward from the center  of the galaxy along the Orion Spur or the Persius Arm. (See galaxy map at top)

Either way, enjoy the ride!


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