Men Vs. Women

Modern metaphysical thought has posited that there’s a female self within men and a male self within women.  I’ve long resented the fact that the female side of ourselves is characterized as having all the best attributes; ie. love and compassion.  I know myself enough to know that there’s evidence (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ) that I at least cogitate these attributes more often than many.  “Just because women nurture children…”, I’ve thought, “…doesn’t mean that woman can lay claim to these attributes as characteristically their own.”

Moreover I had already hypothesized, during a university television theory course, that the primary difference between the way that men and women think, based on what they watched on TV, originates in their genitals.  I wasn’t wrong.  The biggest difference between men and women physiologically is the gonads of their powerful endocrine system.  This is the base chakra in spiritual parlance and oft erroneously regarded to be, like porn, the “lowest”.  It’s life itself and a powerful driver.*

The difference, in television viewing preference, between men and women is that men primarily watch the news and women, while I don’t personally know any, primarily watch soap operas.

A soap opera that I, as a young man, thoroughly enjoyed was St. Elsewhere for the artistry of the “ensemble” medical soapistry amidst 5 intertwined story lines.  At least one story must be comedic in an ensemble series.  Hill Street Blues was another that I enjoyed.

News stories are sound bites that are always conclusive whether or not the story is ongoing.  On the other, left, hand soap operas have never-ending stories wherein, even if one story line ends, it leads into another one.  Men are are linear and conclusive, and women are cyclic.  (Cyclic is “Big Picture”.)  I’ve heard this iterated, from pop psychology books, most often in the form of arguments between partners; Men seek a happy conclusion with all due diligence and women are seeking something more continuous.  (Put your arm around her and sympathize.  Love is necessary.)

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Above I wrote: “Just because women nurture children…”, I’ve thought, “…that doesn’t mean that woman can lay claim to these (love & compassion) attributes as characteristically their own.”.

I’ve been wrong. Love and BIG PICTURE are more strongly in the purview of women because men are influenced more by their left cerebral hemisphere.

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In my Getting In Our Right Mind post I wrote that the left hemisphere finds conclusions even if it deduces for you as real possibilities things that may not even exist.  It’s also that same little negative voice that sometimes berates you.  The left hemisphere is also incapable of seeing the simplest “Big Picture”.

The right hemisphere exclusively has capacity of vision to see the “Big Picture” as well as the capacity for, among other emotions, “Love”.   Both are supremely significant factors. The right side is the correct side in the great on-going universal battle of Life Vs Entropy.  “We” Vs “I”.  The right hemisphere is “Life”and “We” and “Love” and “Big Picture” and “Music” and “Creativity” and “Nature”.


In my Science and Spirituality post I wrote that, according to Edgar Cayce, BIG PICTURE (We are One) and LOVE are the the 2 most fundamental Universal Laws and are as irrevocable as laws of physics.   Women, being more right hemisphered, are more in tune with both of these positive attributes albeit the love can become obfuscated amidst the panoply of all the other more greatly felt emotions.  Left-brained conclusive men once thought to offer a cure for this condition in the assumption that hysteria resided in the uterus and therefore inventing the hysterectomy to remove it.  Very thoughtful but not “Big Picture” or loving enough.

I subscribe to the following belief and don’t recall where the theory was garnered:

We are immortal and essentially generally retain the same gender over many lifetimes.  Homosexuality arises when we choose a lifetime of the opposite gender than that which humans are intended to be.  Women primarily make this choice due to the obvious discrimination of the last 2000 years and men primarily chose this due to the horrors of war.

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According to Edgar Cayce one individual returned for a lifetime as a gay man who had once terribly publicly ridiculed, as a cartoonist, the gay men of the French courts of Louis XIII and Louis XIV; a noteworthy consequence for gay bashers.

“Condemn not, then, that ye be not condemned. For indeed with what measure ye mete it will be measured to thee again. And that thou condemnest in another (yea, every man – every woman), that thou becomest in thine self!” – Edgar Cayce 1089-3

I believe that the genders will fully come together at a later epoch in our collective development and “when” is likely highly dependent on how much we come together now. It’s inevitable if we’re all to eventually reunite in God.  Reuniting our genders as One is a long-term imperative and, IMO, a powerful first chakra driven incentive towards the ultimate “One” realization.

It’s incumbent on men to learn to know the BIG PICTURE and greater LOVE.  I wouldn’t presume to suggest what women need to know.  Women use both brain hemispheres.

30. (Q) Is there something spiritual in the attraction between the sexes (as I suspect), or would it be to advantage if I repressed the constant quest for a beautiful girl companion?
(A) There is something spiritual, which is being, as has been indicated, a co-creator with the divine.  – Edgar Cayce 5250-1


* Note: In modern times there has developed a top-down exercise for “grounding” one’s chakras.  In martial arts strength is gathered arising from the Earth through the base chakra.  The Lord’s Prayer, according to Edgar Cayce, a devout Christian, is a dance through the chakras starting and finishing with the top chakra:

Our Father who art in Heaven = For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and forever




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