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We Are One Love

You are not “the one” who you are seeking.  The one is through yourself together with all else. We are one.

The final episode of TV’s Mad Men concluded with the 1971 Coke commercial “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony).

A similar 1970 hit was Everything is Beautiful by Ray Stevens.

Not a bad ethos moving forward from almost half a century ago but what would be a good musical zeitgeist for us moving forward from 2015?

Incorporating the 2 Universal Laws (which will reportedly make God move within us) elucidated in my last post: 1. We are One, and 2. Love is Law. I’ve abbreviated it to “We are Love”. This makes Bob Marley’s “One Love” a good candidate for a musical mantra but, due to it’s authorship, it may have marijuana implications which aren’t suited to everyone.

The following is my favorite candidate for the Song of Our Time going forward:
One World, One Heart Beating

A film by Jose Sanchez and Kasper Packford. Composers: Sue Kirkpatrick and Oona McOuat.

Video from KarmaTube

Here are some related web pages that I’ve created over the years:

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My most popular page by far, however, is my Positive Adjective Glossary.  I believe that this is because it’s “Of God” particularly inasmuch as users necessarily uplift others.

Above is our brand, inherently shared. Add everyone and everything to your organization or personal material by including our brand.

To those currently selfish, uninitiated, organizations and individuals the “WE ARE ONE” part is important so they know who we are.  To those more advanced the brand can be abbreviated to:


Please distribute liberally and freely.

 Parting Thought:  It’s a Wonderful World!

 Playing for Change’s version