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It’s ironic how aggressive organizations create their own opposition out of what would otherwise be a peaceful coexistence. If Kinder Morgan’s Astroturf group B.R.O.K.E., via their extravaganza, hadn’t slapped me so hard in the face that I lost my Alien persona, I would have never written a post regarding Kinder Morgan Projects.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of more positive subjects to write about but on February 26, 2015 I got slapped hard again.

I like to think that this was an RCMP leak indicating that there may still be good, and just, and honorable members out there who still want to be what they always wanted to be and contribute to the improvement of the country and the world and not to its increased creepiness.

In a gross violation of the Fundamental Freedoms of The Charter of Rights, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has identified all pipeline protestors as potential  “Violent Anti-Petroleum Extremists” and, because I wrote Kinder Morgan Projects, that includes me.  I will NOT remove the post.

This means increased surveillance via CSEC, not CSIS, an electronic surveillance organization which is under the purview of the Department of Defense (DOD). Has Stephen Harper declared war on his own people on behalf of the oil industry and his next Conservative election campaign?

Notable potential “Violent Anti-Petroleum Extremists” are Canada’s indigenous native population.  Minister of Natural Resources Greg Rickford writes that the government’s pipeline plan is for “…enhanced engagement with Aboriginal groups.”  Enhanced is a vague adjective, to be sure, but isn’t it reminiscent of the “enhanced interrogation techniques” of Abu Ghraib?   Does it, in fact, include torture?

While the policy is open-minded enough to include Metis, the ground water poisoning of the bitumen fracking at the Alberta (AB) tarsands is committing (FOR GOD’S SAKE!) eugenic genocide  of AB’s indigenous peoples.

The Indigenous Perspective

How relevant is this to the writings of Reverend Kevin Arnette who long alleged the long-term historic native eugenic genocide mission of the Federal Government?

Humans who think this fracking isn’t eugenic genocide should ask themselves, in that old Hollywood interpretation of the native tongue,…


This photo of a Cree child is known for “the staging of the gun in hand, ostensibly symbolizing his ‘savage’ proclivities…”

 Who else is a Violent Anti-Petroleum Extremist?

Both of the gentle feminine creatures above were arrested for protesting the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.  On the right is Professor Lynne Quarmby Green Party candidate and and Science Policy Critic for the upcoming Federal election for the riding of North Burnaby (Freshly radically gerrymandered into North Vancouver across Burrard Inlet).

What are the odds that Professor Quarmby’s office doesn’t have every incoming-and-outgoing pixel and sound bite recorded by CSEC?  What are the odds that every Green Party Member, as potential “Violent Anti-Petroleum Extremists” aren’t monitored equally scrupulously?  The New Democratic Party (NDP), have declared their anti-pipeline position.  Who thinks that the Prime Minister has sufficient self control to not put them under electronic scrutiny as well for his Conservative political agenda?

How closely now are journalists and bloggers monitored who have, at some time, written a critical article about a pipeline?

I’ve personally never heard of any pipeline violence initiated by protestors.  Is it the Emperor’s New Uniform?  As far as I know Mr. Harper has thrown the first punch.  It’s important to note that the Prime Minister has introduced violence into the picture for the first time and then sicked the DOD onto innocent citizens, indigenous natives, and his political opposition.

Evidently, in Canada, the Prime Minister cannot be impeached.  This is an unfortunate  because it could lead to a Prime Minister thinking that he’s above the law.  Here’s a petition for parliament to create policies for impeachment.

In the United States President Nixon was impeached for trying to install listening devices in the National Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.  How many more people is Prime Minister Harper illegally, feloniously, surveilling?

In their C-51 analysis law professors Craig Forese of the University of Ottawa and Kent Roach of the University of Toronto, identify the following very real problems with C-51:

“CSIS will be able to get warrants at secret hearings to violate Canadians’ rights, which risks creating “a secret jurisprudence on when CSIS can act beyond the law.””

“CSIS will have “open-ended authorization whose proper and reasonable application will depend on perfect government judgment.””

“They worry that Canadians can’t have confidence CSIS won’t be used to target political enemies of the government.”

Former CSIS Officer       Former CSIS Officials

With his declaration of “Violent Anti-Petroleum Extremists” the Prime Minister isn’t waiting for the passage of C-51 to make it even quasi-legal.

In order to enact the C-51 “Terrorism” bill Prime Minister Harper doesn’t demure from acting on the lessons of infamous Nazi Party leader Hermann Goering:

“…Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers (as conspiracy theorists) for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” – Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

Stephen Harper has always been the far-away oily Ontario guy who we’ve had (no choice in British Columbia [BC]) to patiently endure for an eternity longer than the Americans had to endure George W. Bush.  But now, in the fullest extreme of attacking with a fringed flag assault, Mr. Harper is attacking innocent Canadians, via no less than the DOD, by projecting his own aggressive violations onto them.

Who Oversees the Overseers?

Regarding the C-51 Big Brother “Terrorist” Bill many, including many former Prime Ministers, are calling for up-to-the minute oversight of CSIS but how many Canadians are even aware of the existence of CSEC, the military Canadian counterpart of the American NSA that conducts all of the country’s electronic surveillance?  CSEC is geographically adjacent to CSIS but mandated under the DOD.  Consequently any new funding for oversight of CSIS will not include the more greatly needed oversight of CSEC as well.  Without oversight of CSEC the offensive, abusive, intrusive, violating surveillance of innocent Canadian citizens will continue.

I can attest that I’ve certainly felt terrorized since they’ve been alleged to be in my computer system.

It may be a coincidence but, since CSEC has been into my personal computer I’ve started receiving criminal (credit card fraud etc.) and lascivious SPAM email solicitations for the first time.  Is generating and cultivating indecency via email part of what CSEC does?  Is the creation of criminal start-ups, and amoral acts, a part of its regular routine?  Are they modern electronic retrograde “Barn Burners”.

Evidently 80% of Canadians feel that this Bill C-51, incursion into their Fundamental Freedoms is OK because they have nothing to hide.  (Decreased by 40% the day this blog was posted) Those many who think “Why not?” re. C-51 need to know that in their innocence they’re also proclaiming their naivety.   The innocence that they’re projecting onto the Prime Minister’s office doesn’t exist but rather is motivated by superimposing Canada’s Fundamental Freedoms with personal Fundamental Greedoms.

On a related note, who’s going to compensate BC as the salmon stocks are increasingly unable to return because cold-blooded fish are unable to tolerate a small increase in water temperature?

Prime Minister Harper’s Secret Kinder Morgan Oil Pipeline Oral Meetings

It’s important to note that, in critical Pipeline and Charter of Rights and Freedom Violation matters, Canada’s Liberal Party votes in lockstep with the Conservative party.  As in the U.S. the top 2 parties look like a choice between the puppet on the right or the puppet on the left.

What can we do about it?

First things first:

1. In the upcoming Federal Elections (October 19, 2015) vote NDP or Green or for an independent candidate.  Even the “Any excuse for a party” Rhinoceros Party of Canada would at least be benign relative to those who would cause massive scale long-term public harm.

2.  Leadnow.ca appears to be an “Anybody but Harper” group.

3.  Enacting a law that would require that all politicians serve no more than a single term would remove most of the corruption from politics; perhaps two terms could be served by those in public office demonstrating a record of exceptional statesmanship.  Could this be initiated by the RCMP as an anti-corruption proposal?  How many Canadians would sign it as an Avaaz petition?  Good people, for a change, would take a break from work and serve in a respected position of governance for a term before returning to their regular jobs and lives.  The public service would be a resume’ enhancement.  The severe risk posed by a career of ‘Power’ would be significantly reduced.

4. Sign this petition for parliament to make it possible to impeach the Prime Minister.

Edgar Cayce stated it a bit more severely than the old “Power Corrupts” idiom:

“Few does power not destroy.”  3976-13

Edgar Cayce, in his pan-lifetime world view, advises us to be patient with all souls who all must eventually come around.  Under the circumstances the best I could say to Prime Minister Harper is: Please stop causing harm and leave.

Now let’s see if these oil-owned organizations can stop slapping me.  God knows I’d rather be worlds away in pleasantness.



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