Humans Vs. Plants

Who is smarter?  Humans, or plants?

Some humans believe that they, being the smartest, are at the top of the environmental chain.  They believe that they have the right to be the dominators of resources or “overburden” and not the stewards, of nature.

Are humans able to comprehend the consciousness of a leaf?

BTW who, in Nissan’s marketing department, decided to name their electric car the ‘Leaf’?  Except for Toronto hockey fans how many people want to identify with a leaf?  Cars are iconic in advertising for being the stylish fun things with which people personally identify and, in dream analysis, your car symbolizes, almost invariably, your body.  Leafs (plural in Toronto parlance) are shiny clapping things that are so delicate and ephemeral that they flamboyantly flutter to the earth and expire annually.  ‘Vector’, or even ‘Evergreen’, would be better names for EVs.

Above Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) [Peace] narrates a vintage kitschy (Is that a Moog synthesizer?) TV episode of ‘In Search Of ‘ titled Other Voices.  My last blog post, on Thursday Feb. 26th, about Vulcan Proverbs and Edgar Cayce included Nimoy as Spock.  On Friday, the 27th, TV’s beloved Mr. Spock passed away.  In hindsight the post looks like a respectable homage.

This research regarding plants and music is old information.  Some today attest that plants most prefer high frequency sounds that sound a lot like birds cheeping.  Not sure about the ridiculously hard-to-record pterodactyl call found here.   Here are some Youtube resources to play to your plants.

The above video, from TV’s Mythbusters, verifies that plants know your intent.

Evidently you can’t fool a plant by holding up a lighter and pretending that you’re going to burn it.  You have to mean it.

Humans don’t even know their own intent

The human left brain, based on past experiences, is constantly creating circumstances and coming to conclusions often with no basis in reality.  It’s the little voice that sometimes gives you a hard time. Humans often don’t even know their own intent as it is intended to incorporate the BIG PICTURE and ‘Love’of the right hemisphere.

A plant knows how to glow its being without comparison to anything else.

Edgar Cayce quotes re. Nature

“Is the oak lord over the vine? Is the Jimson (weed) beset before the tomato? Are the grassy roots ashamed of their flower beside the rose?

All those forces in nature are fulfilling rather those purposes to which their Maker, their Creator, has called them into being… reflecting –as each soul, as each man and each should do in their particular sphere — their concept of the Maker!”  1391-1

“In all nature the Spirit of Creation is emanating, and one that attunes self in mind or mental forces towards beings of emanation, gains knowledge in an inestimable manner, that becomes the soul, the personality, the being of the individual.” 354-2

“Listen to the birds.  Watch the blush of the rose.  Listen to the life rising in the tree.  These serve their Maker.  Through what?  That psychic force, that is Life itself…Learn, O Man, from that about thee.”  364-10

Q- “How is the best way to explain God to a child under twelve years?”

A- “In nature” 5747-1


1. A plant knows human intent

2. A plant knows how to glow its being

3. Nature is God

…who’s smarter:

Humans or plants?



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