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Vulcan Philosophy, Edgar Cayce & Astrology

Here are some Vulcan proverbs of which Edgar Cayce might approve:

“Nothing unreal exists.”

 Unreleased movie footage of Spock being infantile.

“Nothing that is is unimportant.”

“We are here to serve.”

“My mind to your mind… my thoughts to your thoughts…”

These are words used during Vulcan mind melds as well as by Professor Charles Francis Xavier in The X-Men #3 (January 1964).  To render the Infinite finite is one of the reasons that Edgar Cayce says we’re here.  Heartfelt empathy is a good path.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.” 

Edgar Cayce mentions self-crucifixion, in an unrelated way, twice:

…”In that day did they call upon the name of the Lord” (Genesis 4:26) –is right! and ever, when the elements that make for littleness, uncleanness, are crucified in the body, The Spirit of the Lord, of God, is present.”  5748-1

“In Egypt, that which had been the basis of all the teachings in those of the temple, and the after actions of the crucifying of self in relationships to ideals that make for the abilities of carrying on that called to be done.” (re. what Christ learned abroad) 2067-11

‘The teachings in those of the temple’ would include the teachings of Ra Ta, who Edgar Cayce had been in a past life.

“In accepting the inevitable, one finds peace.”

Acceptance isn’t a Cayce topic but ‘Accepting what is’ is a basic tenet of Byron Katie who writes that it’s a necessary precursor to finding peace.

“Not my will but Yours, o Lord.” is a common Cayce affirmation


“Logic is the cement of our civilization, with which we ascend from chaos, using reason as our guide.

“Logic is the beginning, not the end, of Wisdom.”

Possibly derived from “Doubt is the beginning, not the end of Wisdom.”  George Illes (1852 – 1942)

The closest that Edgar Cayce comes to mentioning logic is ‘Logos’ with regards to Astrology and Ancient Persian Charts being Logos or “charts that have been set”.  826-8  Astronomy and astrology mirrored each other more closely therein.

Dictionary definition of logos = In philosophy the rational principle that governs and develops the universe.  In ideology the word incarnate in Jesus Christ.

“Live Long and Prosper”

 “Peace and Long Life” (common appropriate response)

Note: Leonard Nimoy passed away the day after this blog was posted.


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The Great Purity Zeitgeist

“Zeitgeist”, literally “Time Ghost”, means – ‘the Spirit of our Time’.

When it comes to conventional news media it seems like the great bell is always clanging…




…It tolls so for you because war, disaster, and (too facile: “Hitler was great!”) controversy sells newspapers.  The range of what’s newsworthy has long been almost exclusively The Tale of One City: “It Is The Worst Of Times!”  This is despite the fact that the world is, in truth, significantly becoming a better, more moral, place.

Conventional news media has become a big, contemporary negative story itself with 90% of U.S. news now consolidated, from 50 companies in the 1980’s, into 6 media GIANTS today  with news anchors often repeating the same things verbatim (Russian TV source).

Factiod:  The swirling introductions to news programs, some including count-downs, are said to be hypnotism methodologies.

Most of the graffiti art in this post is by the brilliant “Art Terrorist” Banksy.

The good news is that with many burgeoning communications options these media giants are becoming increasingly irrelevant and electronic interconnectedness is growing exponentially to become, at least, emblematic of the great, long-known, spiritual “Oneness”.

Neo was never “The One”.

It’s us.

It’s true.

We’re the one.

We’re one.

Graffiti by Banksy

The media conglomerate quest for control is ironically a causative element in its decline as the immediacy, and decency, of public interest is causing conventional fear-mongering media to increasingly flutter away into the wind like so much newsprint.

Reddit Uplifting News        Huffington Post Good News

Positive Media, Alternative News and Media Literacy Links

Aside:  Conventional print news media didn’t get legally charged for publishing the same stories as WikiLeaks.  Conventional News Media have traditionally been one of the main ways that society keeps an eye on things.  Other methodologies are the law, routed trade unions, and the now commercially homogenous top 2 political puppets parties.

One of the reasons cited for the failure of Google Glass was the incursion on privacy that the product offered regarding the public identification of otherwise anonymous individuals on the street.  Consumers found this distasteful and voted against it in the most severe way possible – by failing to patronize the product. The C.E.O. of Google once stated that the true cost of non-participation in the social medium Google + would be irrelevance.  A more contemporary and incisive finding today might be that marginalization is the consequence of attempted coercion.

Even NETFLIX and YOUTUBE are increasingly popular televisual choices rocketing satellite dishes from rooftops to landfills and triggering increasing numbers of permanent disconnections from the increased hourly frequency, and audio volume, of the commercials on cable and Network TV.

 Free Karmatube Videos        Cayce TV

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Internet privacy became a significant negative issue globally first with WikiLeaks and subsequently with Edward Snowden’s historic disclosures of “The Program”.   I’m not in favor of WikiLeaks putting lives in danger but am a BIG fan of Edward Snowden’s heroic disclosures of the level of Government spying on private citizens.

Edward Snowden’s Robotic Ted Talk in Vancouver

Here’s a rare appearance by the NSA in the follow-up rebuttal at the conference.  Too bad they didn’t ask the audience to vote to see if it changed anyone’s mind about Edward as a hero.

Edward Snowden’s disclosures were that the U.S. Government is spying on everyone’s Internet usage, worldwide, all of the time.

This is a violation of the American Constitution’s first amendment; Freedom of Expression including freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.  Moreover it’s also a violation of the following:

United States Bill of Rights

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

European Union Convention on Human Rights

 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Fundamental Freedoms

These incursions have been justified, of course, as necessary in the war on terror – an abstract noun.  A war on an abstract noun is unwinnable and a war that will never end for all of those who revel in never-ending war.  We are not in a perpetual state of emergency except as regards this assault on human rights.

Graffiti by Mogul

Somehow the lack of success of the long-time war on drugs, a concrete noun, has eluded evaluation in the “Patriot Act” strategy.  Referencing the dictionary discloses that both “drugs” and “terrorism” are still, and are likely to remain, in our vocabulary indefinitely.

The great, as yet apparently unacknowledged, irony in this is that, in this fight for freedom, to the extent that privacy equates with freedom, America has become the greatest enemy of freedom that the world has ever known.  Would you be brave enough to wear a T-Shirt that reads:


The Greatest Enemy

of Freedom

With these round-the clock, megacriminal, worldwide, personal abuses America henceforward vetoes the right to complain about the human rights violations of any other country.

A Foreigner’s Perspective

Graffiti by Banksy

A new legion of Minority-Report-like Mind Police have used this data to detain and arrest unrelated and remote zombie parties and street theatre, for example, when a public political event is scheduled.  Even a 7 year old boy was detained when he expressed concern in an email that his President Obama could encounter suicide bombings on at trip.

Clearly this is grossly over the line.  One wonders how long it could possibly last and, the sooner that it’s nudged back over to the decent side of the line, the better.  Sometimes we have to show our leadership the right thing to do when they need ethical help.

“Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil; our great hope lies in developing what is good.” – Calvin Coolige

The following Edgar Cayce quote is often paraphrased as “Love everyone but don’t be a doormat.

“9. These, then, should ever be. But there is produced by same humbleness – not as has been in some instances in the entity’s self – not the lording of others. For as He gave, who was, who is, who ever will be the manifestation of the Spirit – which is true psychic force – he that will be the greatest will be the servant of all. Not necessarily being as a doormat, but ever willing, ever helpful – but to the glory of God, to the honor of self. Not to the glory of self in any manner or way, but in humbleness preferring one another.”  – Edgar Cayce 3541-1
Note that the greater portions of this quote make clear to subdue our own egos and to act out of pure, genuine, humble helpfulness.  Here’s how to let the government know where they need help:
Key parts of the USA Patriot Act expire soon – so there’s a new opportunity to push back against ongoing, illegal, mass surveillance of Americans.  Stop those provisions cold.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper just introduced a new Anti-Terrorism act*, effectively a Big Brother Bill, that could let CSIS do just about anything other than kill or harm us, or “violate our sexual integrity”.  The Conservative and Liberal parties are planning to vote for the bill.  We must make this Big Brother politically untouchable.

Join AVAAZ and Sign The Petition       Join the Campaign

Fired up by exposure of their assets there are 2 ways that United States governance organizations have attempted to censor the Internet:

1.  A government bill for a Censorship/Copyright Law

2.  A fast & slow lane incursion on Net Neutrality


The late young genius Arron Swartz founded Reddit (See Reddit Uplifting News ), co-founded RSS (Really Simple Syndication [click my ‘Entries RSS’ button to explore how it works]) and Demand Progress.  After his success in blocking the bill he committed suicide while under intense prosecution for downloading intellectual material at MIT that tax payers have already paid for (and possibly to examine the large data set to determine any funding patterns).  It seems inevitable that Demand Progress, or a similar organization, will one day once again take up Aaron’s gauntlets and demand to know who are the true and rightful owners all the research data.  It’s ironic that he was arrested for doing precisely what the N.S.A. is unlawfully doing to us all.

The Internet’s Own Boy


 Stopped by Congress February 26th, 2015. is one of many fine online organizations fighting the giant communications monolithically-funded lobbyists.  Like Demand Progress it’s a good organization to join to generally be apprised of the status of your Internet freedoms.

Graffiti by Banksy gets young people’s voices to count by registering them to vote at concerts.

“Few does power not destroy.”  Edgar Cayce 3976-13


Graffiti by Banksy

God knows that governments and organizations aren’t the only entities that need to continuously look at and adjust their moral compasses.  When it comes to ‘Me Vs Us’, selfishness isn’t exclusively an organizational issue.  Many people, out of self preservation, are too inclined to err towards self-righteousness.  ‘Be nice’ is a lesson that few are aware enough to know that they still need to know it more.

Of course the unwarranted human rights felonies taking place at light speed are at a whole new level of “not niceness”.

Graffiti by Banksy

It may require patience to wait for some of those who would control the world to come around.  Once humans (reverting to my old alien P.O.V.) have done their best to inform governors of their wishes, to avoid getting mired in unpleasant selfishness, it’d be wiser to just blithely move on to explore new, better, more virtuous, directions.  Then, when the time comes, vote.

“Taking or enduring hardships, or censure, or idiosyncrasies of others, is not necessarily patience at all. It may become merely that of being a drudge not only to self but an outlet of expression from others that may never be quite satisfying because there is no resistance.” – Edgar Cayce 3161-1

There comes a time to exercise more the patience of a coach than that of a parent inasmuch as if the kid can’t perform then at some point the time comes to let another kid have his fair crack at bat.  Vote.

A fundamental tenet of Communications Theory is that “Authority rests on the control of Information”. Whether governors like it or not authority is becoming less ambitious, less centralized, and more experimental.  Governance strategies will increasingly require a lighter smarter touch and one which exploits the positive linking aspects of our modern world. (They could have had Aaron Swartz on their side.)

How many Facebook “Likes” will the N.S.A. anti-privacy felonies garner?  It could very well be that the greater the attempt to coerce the audience, the more rapid the path to marginalization. There are a lot of young people garnering “Likes” as currency.  Some of them will inevitably arise as leadership candidates with important political and/or other cultural influences. Some could possibly win elections today.

Is there a possible future in which, nowadays blatant, campaign financed corruption will be replaced exclusively by what a candidate can raise from transparent online donations?

With unions having been routed and partisanship of the largest political parties homogenized by cash, the Internet is becoming the newer truer forum for democracy even if not freedom.

The greatest failing of the N.S.A., and other ‘intelligence’ agencies wasn’t 911. It has been, having witnessed the advance of American corporate imperialism, that they haven’t been cognitively “big picture” enough to defend against America itself being colonized by their own once-colonial economic interests.  And they themselves, like the politicians, haven’t been strong or decent or honorable enough to fight, or resist, the corruption.

In an utter and complete spirit of helpfulness how do we help politicians to come around to the realization that we’re all in this together and to consider “we” more in the holistic sense rather than from a top-down presumption?  Imagine what it will be like when everyone in the world is truly working together to help each other.  The day is coming but will it arrive soon?

Problem/Reaction/Solution scenarios will have to stand up historically to the scrutiny of the great purity zeitgeist.

There are some documentaries and movements that apply the “Zeitgeist” appellation to analyzing all of the calculated, antisocial, and greedy aspects of the world. But there’s a much more geist-like purity at work as well.  Ignoring the undesirable and opting for something better is today’s great purity zeitgeist.


Graffiti by Banksy

“So be ye then as His children-those that show joy and gladness in the lives, the experiences, the hearts, the minds of those ye meet day by day; thus becoming indeed brethren with Him, in that He gave Himself as a ransom for all, that whosoever will may take their cross and through Him know the joy of entering into that realm of replacing jealousy and hate and selfishness with love and with joy and with gladness.”  Edgar Cayce 5749

“Happiness is a state of mind attained by giving same to others.” Edgar Cayce 2772-2

“Happiness is love of something outside of self. It may never be obtained, many never been known by loving only things within self.” Edgar Cayce 282-30

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Graffiti by whoever the squiggle represents

Open-Sourcing, crowd-sourcing, and crowd-funding are just some of the ways via which Internet users are exploring new non-traditional realms. Who knows what new worlds this Internet medium, still in its infancy, has yet to give rise to?

First please express yourself via Social Justice Media like:    Demand Progress (Canada)

These could become the new political parties.

Then register to vote here.      Here for Canada

(I’ll be voting ardently Green in my freshly radically gerrymandered riding.)

Then quasar off to perform flash mobs & stunts, or browse Ted Talks, KarmaTube, or whatever.


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 Let them know.  Vote.   Follow your Bliss.

*Parliament must reject Harper’s secret policeman bill (Globe and Mail)

*Anti-terror bill: Experts worry about sweeping powers for CSIS (Ottawa Citizen)

*Security bill risks too much (Winnipeg Free Press)

*Addendum Feb 19, 2015:  A couple of friends have informed me that yesterday I broke the Canadian story a matter of hours before the CBC.   Evidently we’ve both been working on the piece for a fair while.  The CBC reported that, according to opinion polls, most (80%) of Canadians are in favour of the proposed new bill.  [Numbers dropped later as more people became educated about the implications.]



50 Word Mini Saga

In his book; A Whole New Mind, David Pink suggests writing a Mini Saga as a creative exercise.  The challenge is to write the entire Mini Saga using precisely 50 words – no more, no less.

Here’s mine:



At 6 Suzanne performed ballet for her classmates for “Show n’ Tell”.


At 18, practicing alone, she leapt the highest grand jette’ in history, or ever again.

No one knew.

At 24, whirling dervishly in a Moroccan restaurant, she transformed into whisps of silvery incense.

“What was that!?!”

God knew.

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