The Christmas Way Home

I’ve recently created a new resource page exclusively featuring Christmas Words.  Collectively these festive words, for a certainty, reveal The True Meaning of Christmas and that meaning is:  Returning Home

Christ, wasn’t the only thing born on Christmas. Many beautiful customs and emotions also were. So too the way home was borne.

Little do even the secularists, who prefer to ignore the Christ in Christmas, realize that stringing Christmas lights can lead to more illumination and enlightenment than most could imagine and that observing common Christmas customs can lead to a new level of clarity of sentience itself.

Even in the pre-Christian pagan origins of bringing evergreens and holly into our homes, during the bleak colourlessness of winter, lies the intent of elevating and lightening the feelings of others who will gaze upon the enduring vibrancy, hope and thriving of life and so be uplifted and edified.

According to Edgar Cayce after human life arrived on Earth there was a great separation that occurred as humans sank into carnal selfishness. We left home. The way back home to God is found inside of ourselves, via love and genuine beneficent intent, specifically by making manifest the love of God and man through our actions.

The flashy glitter of tinsel and baubles may seem superficial, and the allure of presents, feasting, and other indulgences may seem selfish, and so they can be, but the effect of these fulfilled attractive gratifications is to create an aching within us to see all our loved ones, those who we know, and all those who we encounter, to know the beauty, joy, comfort, fulfillment of wishes, and the selfless satisfaction that Christmas can bring. That’s reconciliation and reconnection with God. That’s the way home.

During the Christmas holidays many people travel great distances to return to their familial origins just as the Magi followed the light and traveled to the creche scene in the stable.  Now wise people everywhere at Christmastime travel back, bearing gifts, to the place which most closely symbolizes the place of their own nativity.

Even in dreams trying to journey homeward, often encountering encumbering distractions, is a common yearning theme.  Belying this longing, this unfulfilled belonging, is the return home to God.

Attracted since childhood to the prettiness, the toys, the candy and snacks and food, and good loving feelings perhaps the initial impulse towards the season was once self interest.  But somewhere along the way this co-mutual attraction transmutes into wanting others to experience its richness.  We transform selfishness into selflessness via sharing as we want to see those who we know and love experience the joy and thriving abundance.

At Christmas

by Edward Guest

A man is at his finest
towards the finish of the year;
He is almost what he should be
when the Christmas season is here;
Then he’s thinking more of others
than he’s thought the months before,
And the laughter of his children
is a joy worth toiling for.
He is less a selfish creature than
at any other time;
When the Christmas spirit rules him
he comes close to the sublime.

When it’s Christmas man is bigger
and is better in his part;
He is keener for the service
that is prompted by the heart.
All the petty thoughts and narrow
seem to vanish for awhile
And the true reward he’s seeking
is the glory of a smile.
Then for others he is toiling and
somehow it seems to me
That at Christmas he is almost
what God wanted him to be.

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And when the tinsel and lights are put back into storage, and a new year is dawning, so too can dawn the increasing realization every year that this wondrous seasonal altruistic edification can be continued every day.  Gentility and kindness can be brought to bear on our daily encounters and undertakings with each passing moment and person as we patiently await the season next year when we can vigorously celebrate it again

The more that we behave in this kind manner the closer we come to that joyous time when we’ll reside again wholly with God and recount, with Him, our long extended, oft tumultuous, exploratory journey away from home and back again.

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The shortcut back home is via love in action.


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