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See the funny side–don’t be too serious.  Remember, He even made a joke as He walked to the Garden to be betrayed.  Remember, He looked with love upon His disciple that denied Him, even as He stood alone.  2448-2

Know that the Lord, the God, laughed–even at the Cross…  Man alone in God’s creation is given the ability to laugh.   2995-1

If ye lose the ability to laugh, ye lose that ability to be joyous.  And the religion, the principle of the Christ-life is joyous!  For remember – He laughed even on the way to Calvary; not as pictured so oft, but laughed even at those that tormented Him.  This is what angered them most.  3003-1

See the humor in any experience, whether it is the most sacred, the most cherished experience, or that which comes as a trial.  2560-1

Laugh under the most straining circumstance.  1823-1

(See) the ridiculous side of every question — the humour in same.  Remember that a good laugh… is good for the body, physically, mentally.  2647-1

Don’t think a grouchy man can ever raise a headed cabbage or a tomato that will agree as well as those raised by a man who laughs and tells a good joke, though it may be smutty.  470-35

The above Edgar Cayce quotes are from THE ABILITY TO LAUGH (P. 358) of the The Edgar Cayce Companion:


Right after this section, in The Edgar Cayce Companion, is the JOY & HAPPINESS section, but the difficulty in writing this post is in paring down all the possible quotes and knowing that paraphrasing them would be diminishing them.  According to the A.R.E.’s Copyright Permission Guidelines, notwithstanding the fact that this post is rife with advertising for the A.R.E., Cayce quotes shouldn’t constitute more than 30% of anyone’s written work.  (See the total at bottom) The trouble is that there are so many more wonderful quotes from this book, like…

Do all in the joyous manner, for His gospel is the glad gospel, the joyous life, the happy life.  397-1

There are great happiness quotes found in other Cayce resources as well.  The original Edgar Cayce Happiness readings 262-(107-112), for example, are superlative.

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 Edgar Cayce


The history of psychoanalytic thought has been, necessarily, one that has evolved from searching for the light in the darkness.  The last 20 years, however, (finally) have seen the development of a new field called “Positive Psychology”.

Shawn Achor is one of the researchers in the field.  Last Christmas I posted 3 Majical Gifts; the part of Shawn’s book The Happiness Advantage which I found to be most effective.


The following quotes are from Shawn Achor’s,The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work:

        “…I mentioned the impressive meta-analysis of happiness research that brought together the results of over 200 scientific studies on nearly 275,000 people – and found that happiness leads to success in nearly every domain of our lives, including marriage, health, friendship, community involvement, creativity, and, in particular, our jobs, careers and businesses.”

        “…based on the wealth of data they compiled, they found that happiness causes success and achievement, not the opposite.”

“Study after study shows that happiness precedes important outcomes and indicators of thriving.”

Increased happiness also improves the performance of every job..

          “If a study has proven how CEOs can become 15 percent more productive, or how managers can improve customer satisfaction by 42 percent, then I think the people in the trenches should know about it, not just a handful of academics.”   

“Optimistic salespeople outsell their pessimistic counterparts by 56 percent.”

There are also a couple of other previous posts here related directly to the topic of happiness; 1. The Prime Directive, and, more specifically, the first half of the Prime Directive: Divine Law, or, succinctly: “Love the Lord Thy God with all Thy Heart and Soul…”.

*Factoid: Most humans don’t know what to make of this.  For most, the second half of the Prime Directive: “…and love Thy Brother as Thyself” is far easier to comprehend if not to accomplish.

“Love the Lord Thy God with all Thy Heart and Soul…” is synonymous with happiness.  This directive ranges from whirling dervishly and snapping your fingers in the sunlight to being sublimely blissful in rhapsodic peace comforting someone else who hasn’t yet found it.  (I don’t know any human who has found happiness in this way – not all the time)

The above *factoid is derived from Dr. Peter Woodbury in his Using and Applying Universal Laws video (available online for free only to members of the A.R.E.) wherein he also states that putting into practice the second portion of this “Whole Law”, with thy brother, is like releasing an arrow.   Practicing the “Love thy God” part is like drawing back the bow string.  The power of the released arrow is dependent on it.   There’s a chronological reason that loving God comes first in The “Whole Law” statement.  It’s the gaining of appropriate power.

Peter goes on to say, paraphrasing Cayce, that we come to know God 2 ways: 1) In Silence (meditation) and 2) In Nature (outdoors).

Outdoor exercise is one way, according to Cayce, to overcome depression, the primary worldwide emotional problem. (Back pain is the primary physical problem.) Other treatments for depression include Internal Cleansing (fume baths and colonic irrigation), Manual Therapy (osteopathy, chiropractics and massage,) the Radial Appliance, the Ideals Exercise (available for free to A.R.E. members),  Service to Others, and Bibliotherapy.  How many of these words are true about you on your worst day?  Which ones are you ‘open’ to?

 Search For God Books I & II

‘Happiness’ is the second to last chapter in Edgar Cayce’s Search For God (SFG) Book II (‘Spirit’ being the final chapter).

The thing about fully understanding and realizing the Happiness chapter of SFG II book is that there are almost 2 full books of sequential, intense, personal lessons that are prerequisites.

Few are willing to pay the price for happiness — which is tolerance, patience, and selflessness in the expressions to its associates, its fellow man, its activities in the earth.  852-12

The joy, the peace, the happiness, that may be ours is in doing for the other fellow.  262-3

The Lord loveth those who expect much of Him, in giving much of themselves –joyously!  2401-1

Forgiving your debtors, becoming a peacemaker with everyone and becoming as innocent as a child are just some examples of the other conscientious steps required to achieve this happiness and more.

Find a ‘Search For God’ Study Group in your area:

32 Metronomes achieve synchronicity

The “Tipping Point” for these metronomes is 7.  When seven of them (22%) sync up then the rest must fall into synchronicity as well.  When 22% of humans achieve, and maintain, the Prime Directive; the happiness tipping point, then the rest of them could follow as well.

Think Happiness!

Note: There are 297 words in the Cayce quotes here of 1140 or 26%.

 Happiness is abiding in the Infinite love.  262-109

 Unlimited Love     Love Cartoon

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    1. Your comment had me review this post after a long time of thinking about other things. It made me think of substituting Christ’s torturers with the corporations vying to rule the world today. It’s an old Kierkegaard philosophy that any extreme becomes its opposite and these aggressions appear, on the one hand, tragic they’re also ludicrously comical in another view; that they’re so ridiculously earnestly headed 180 degrees in the wrong direction facilitating the inevitable eventual positive outcome.

      We all miss the Study Group and, unfortunately, the Movie Nights may be tapering off too as, after five years, finding high quality spiritual videos to share is getting more difficult.

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