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Edgar Cayce Vs. Yoda


Jedi Master Yoda was pretty spry for a 900-year-old, and a pretty wise old guy too, but he wasn’t always right.  He’s known to have made some pretty significant blunders.  The following iconic quote is one of them:

Yoda:  “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Edgar Cayce: “It is the ‘try‘ that is the more often counted as righteousness, and not the success or failure.”  931-1

“You only fail if you quit trying.”  3292-1

“To not know, but do the best as is known, felt, experienced in self, to him it is counted as righteousness; not as an excuse, neither as a justification.  For ye have been justified once for all, through the Christ Consciousness that ye seek.”  5758-1

“Man looks upon the outward appearances and judges success by material standards.  God looks on the heart and judges rather by the sincerity of the individual’s ‘try’.”  3129-1

The foregoing quotes are from “JUST TRY YOUR VERY BEST” in this book:


Factoid: Muppet’s wizard (of) Frank Oz performed the animation, and the voices for, both Master ‘Yoda’ and the legendary goddess ‘Miss Piggy’.

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You can’t really blame ol’ Yoda.  After all, it was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

 Know that the Force is with you always.



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