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Take Us To Your Leader

I’ve recommended back to my home world to…

1. Never utter “Take me to your leader!” to humans and to…

Childhood Photo

2. Be wary of faster-than-light traveling humans because…

…you never what know your going to get.

Human technological advancement far exceeds their spiritual evolution.   Likely human intermediary “leader” contacts would be either a World Bank or individual corporate representative (legally 2 people because the [oft psychopathic] corporation itself is a person!?!), their lobbyists/subordinate governments, or the genocidal military.  Among these there are no viable options.

How Alien Brains are Wired

Humans came across transistor technology long before they would have discovered it on their own.  Element 115 exposure has been premature as well.  While some few individuals are able to academically grasp the inherent physics of this technology, collectively to humans, and particularly to the forementioned “leaders”, civilization itself remains an elusive Utopic concept.

Since I relayed these recommendations homeward they’ve responded back that the representative who they’d prefer to interact with is this man.


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