The Speed of Light Isn’t Constant

From smoke-ring-blowing through projectile-tossing, aircraft, skydiving & snow sports, humans have exhibited a long-standing, and increasing, interest in Gravity Sports.  (I’ll have to report this new Universal Code; for these sports back to my home world.)  See my previous post which includes video footage of Falling with (Squirrel) Style.

Alien Ball Gravity

Humans have sufficiently advanced Teloscopy to be aware of the existence of Black Holes although the documentary excerpt below suggests a limited, albeit adventurous, understanding.  Hint: Don’t fly straight at them.

Heed the statement, by the other Marty of 1956, at time code 1:35

Another lesson that should be obvious about black holes, (most species catch on a bit faster) is that, if light can bend, then the speed of light cannot be constant.  It has only been a constant measurement to humans because it has only historically been measured by humans within Earth’s constant gravitational field.  Off-Earth, as here, the speed of light is affected by gravity.

It’s even possible that the sight of a galaxy from Earth has been redirected here by a gravitational sling shot; something that could affect flight plans.

As previous: I’m not a sciency alien.  I’m a human/alien hybrid and therefore best suited, empathetically, to inter-world reporting.  Such basics, however, are covered in the elementary schools on our home world.  Humans will never achieve interstellar travel unless light speed’s inconstancy is factored into the equation.  As with Star Trek, Warp Speed capability is considered to be a pivotal milestone in a species’ development.  Perhaps I’ve said too much but waiting for humans to ‘get it’ is crazy-making.

Take Us Out

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