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Edgar Cayce stated that there are 3 important ancient Halls of Records to be found, in Egypt, Atlantis, and the Yucatan.  Leading the way Dr. Greg Little has unearthed some fascinating discoveries regarding Atlantis and the Yucatan hall.  Also, in Egypt, an enormous cave underworld, extending under the Nile Valley, has been rediscovered by Dr. Andrew Collins.

Cayce says that, one day, humans will access these 3 ancient halls.  When?

 It will be necessary to wait until the full time has come for the breaking up of much that has been in the nature of selfish motives in the world.” Edgar Cayce 2329-3 39

“If the Mind dwells upon spiritual things, then it follows that it becomes what it has dwelt upon, what it has made itself a portion of.  But if the Mind dwells upon self-indulgence, self-aggrandizement, self-exaltation, selfishness in any of its forms, in any of its variations, then it has set itself at a variance to that First Cause:…” Edgar Cayce 262-78

If you’re anything like an Alien these days, when you hear that all humans have to accomplish is to get rid of all the selfishness in the world, you say “Yeah, right!  Is that all?” and maybe “How many lifetimes will that take?”

But fear not because, in all likelihood, worldly selfishness will break up (or else) within the next 20 years.  That’s the good news.  The bad/good news is that what it will take for this to happen is that every human must intensely scrutinize the unvarnished selfishness in their own lives and to correct any such patterns by acting more compassionately henceforward.  It’s a BIGGY.

The motivator will be THE WARNING:

The Warning is stated at time code 1:05:16 to 1:07:45

More VDO (Blind Apostle opener shown twice)

 “To keep silent would be true scientific cowardice.” – Dr. Celestino Ortiz

THE WARNING will come during Conchita’s lifetime. The Garamandal girls in the above video were 11-12 years old.  Their experiences ceased in 1965.  Let’s make them 15.  Subtract 1965 from the current year.  Say, 50.  The onetime girls are now 65; retirement age.  The average lifespan in the world is only 67.2 years.  In the U.S. it’s 77.5 to 80.  In Spain and Canada it’s >80.  So, odds are, the predicted WARNING will take place sometime between 2016 and 2031.  The next 20 years following 2014. 

Also, they were given the message that there would be only 3 more popes after Paul VI when these forecast events, would occur.  The current pope, Francis, is the fourth since that time.

Following THE WARNING, (or now, for more grace when the warning comes), the first thing that humans could do is to repair any selfish patterns ASAP.

The second thing that humans could do, after THE WARNING, is to prepare to deliver as many severely disabled people to Garamandal Spain as possible for “the miracle”.

Who is/are the disabled person(s)?  How to prioritize/choose?  Disabled children?  Where are they geographically?  What are their nutritional needs?  Will they need rain gear and warm clothes and/or sun hats?  How ambulatory are they?  Medication regimen?  If a wheelchair is required then would a simple collapsible wheelchair be more practical than a heavy electrical chair that may be immobilized if recharging is impossible – particularly in a country 220 v European circuits.  How is a bedridden patient transported overseas?  Is it desirable to book an individual flight immediately (obviously profiteering would be frowned upon by the Someone Who humans really don’t want to make frown) or should the cost of a charter flight be looked into?  Where will the funds come from?  Should a letter be drafted now, but unsent until after THE WARNING, to the government requesting assistance for a charter?  How will they be accommodated and fed in Spain while waiting for the event?  Can a human’s charity, spiritual group, or other organization start a fund (now) specifically for this purpose?  Will those still fundamentally unclear on the nature of selfishness try to get themselves there ahead of others? 

Following THE WARNING, Conchita Gonzales will notify the world precisely when “The Miracle” will occur.  It will take place in the spring, a traditional time of renewal, with only 8 days advance notice. After THE WARNING it may be possible to stay current regarding any news from Conchita via this link.

Two points about Garamandal:

1. Doubts about faith are at the core. (Pray for the priests).

2. The flock is advised to frequent the sacrament of reconciliation in the Eucharest.

Song begins @ 2 min. mark

The reasons why the opening of the 3 ancient Halls of Records must wait for a less selfish time are apparent:

1. While the now-retired Egyptian antiquities gatekeeper Dr. Zahi Hawass has been a friend of Edgar Cayce’s ARE, he has also had to contend with various local troubled Egyptian/Muslim  bureaucracies.  Who knows what selfishness has been inherent in Egypt’s recent challenging national governments? 

2.  The history of J-29 at Piedras Negras in the Yucatan is such that someone has already stolen some antiquities, a clump of iron and numerous crystalline stones, found at the site for personal gain. Such selfishness directly impedes the search for the records.

Imagine what the unselfish world will be like.

Photo Credits: Somewhere on the Internet a long time ago.

Selfishness is both measurable and unevolved.  Mentally we’ve developed well beyond ‘Space Invaders’.  We’re just fascinated observers.  It’s yourselves that you should be worried about.  You’re the unevolved ones.

Notwithstanding:  UNIR1


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Awakening Gratitude


A few years ago I achieved spiritual realization in a dream.

An intense desire for such enlightenment must have been on my mind with some earnestness during the 20 minutes or so just prior to falling asleep.

Edgar Cayce’s Dream Interpretation Approach

“A dream uninterpreted is like a letter from God unopened.” – Carl Jung

In this dream, this spiritual enlightenment took place standing on the back deck of our house looking up at the brightly lit blue sky and clouds, aka Heaven.  It was a great heartfelt upwelling; I was enjoying this increasingly great upsurge of love, happiness, and exaltation as it expanded along the sky around the world to encompass all things under it on this planet.  A truly wonderful feeling.

Then, suddenly, I was hit by all of the intense, excruciating, emotional pain of all people who were suffering, everywhere on Earth, and awakened sobbing and overcome with all the unspeakable and intense emotional pain that every one of us was experiencing.  It was truly terrible.

Awakening – by Philip Sweeck

This disclosed an underlying world view of sorrow and perceived suffering.  The occasion may also have compromised my objectivity as an alien observer.


A number of years passed… …and I had another dream: I’m sitting down to a delicious early morning breakfast with a group of people, who feel like family, but they’re not.  I’m asked to say grace.  I’m a guest.

In my waking state I sometimes embrace, or hold the hand of, the woman who loves this alien in order to pray together.  I’ve also been called upon, occasionally, by friends, to say grace, or say a prayer before, or after, a meeting or gathering, and so on.  Each time that I pray I try to dig down to feelings of genuine heartfelt gratitude, joy, and blessing; so I have some experience this way.

In my dream, too, I drop my heart into the midst of this exaltation, and become oh-so-earnestly grateful, of and for, everyone around me and everything about me…

… as this is happening, the sunrise is dawning with breathtaking beauty and the promise of a new day’s wonderful, and exciting, repast spread out before us and…

…I wake up into a new day.  I can’t imagine a better way to awaken.

This elated grateful attitude for everything appears to be the answer, or conclusion, for my first dream wherein I woke up feeling all of the emotional suffering of humanity.

I have some chronic physical problems including spinal scoliosis, which a gifted psychic once told me is a necessary impediment in my life so that I learn to overcome wretchedness.   My spine was miraculously straightened somewhat, a few years ago, but now it impinges on the sciatic nerve on the other side – an even more precarious condition.  I also have a painful recurring gastric condition.  It’s chronic secondary wretchedness in the vicinity of my body’s fulcrum.  Secondary depression is emotional depression arising from physical reasons.

Helping people to overcome emotional depression, possibly the most widespread problem on the planet, is the reason that the Positive Adjective Glossary was created.  It’s to assist in out-talking that little negative inside voice.  The 3 Majical Gifts accomplish that too.

For both aliens and mankind, as we align, as a group, to the Prime Directive, the more in accordance with unseen forces, like synchronicity and serendipity, we will become.  Imagine what it will be like to be fully aligned loving each other greatly all the time.

In enduring physical, and other, pain it’s a considerable comfort knowing that one day what awaits the family of man is unconditional love for each other and a desire to be as helpful as we can to each other.

Havona by Antifan Real

All the greatest loves of this, and previous, lives are peanuts compared to the love that we’ll feel at this time.

This is the feeling that I now import whenever I’m faced with challenges – including physical pain. Patience is a recurring lesson for everyone and a great teacher.  So if a soul must incur wretchedness, and patience, to learn, then they might as well apply this incredible awakening gratitude.

Disclaimer:  It wasn’t long ago that this dream awakening occurred. I’ve known far greater physical, and emotional, pains than I’ve experienced since this dream awakening took place and haven’t yet applied gratitude to anything of such intense scope.  That could require, for extended periods, intensely concentrating on my idea of Heaven.  Might as well.  Gratitude is found in knowing that this pain is a necessary stepping stone along the way to bliss.

“With our free will, we can turn the challenges life presents to us into stepping-stones toward growth, or we can see them as obstacles and stumbling blocks. Either way, we reap what we have sown. We constantly meet the consequences of previous deeds and attitudes.” – Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Pain could be a lesson that one must learn, or it could just be something that must merely be endured, either way if it must be, it must be.  At that time gratitude toward an extremely loving end game (NOT suicide) is probably the best thing that anyone could think about.


Antimatter Raynstorm Artmusic



If the circumstances and the associations are circumspect, and in line with that that is known by each to be perfectly right and in accord with those forces of the Creative elements in human experience, what does it MATTER what they think? Too oft do people consider “what will others think”, and judge and act themselves to be “seen of men”, rather than of God!   – Edgar Cayce 459-5

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