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I’m here on an exploration mission.  More precisely my job is that of a reporter.  I’m supposed to report back to my native planet but, while I’m here, I might as well report my findings to humans too.

We’ve studied Earth’s history and are aware of the sad incident recorded in the Mars Attacks documentary.  It’s understandable how this could taint Earth’s outlook on extraterrestrials.  We  don’t understand why any species would attack your holy city of Las Vegas and want to emphasize that we are NOT of similar mind and there’s no reason to deploy your yodelling.

Instead my species has been tracking specific human specimens for centuries.  We’re a race of biologists.  Here I should emphasize that my talents are uncommon among my species and Biology and Physics aren’t my fields of expertise.  I’m a reporter.  I was offered this job because I’m a hybrid and there’s a consensus that I have uncommon empathy/insights into human affairs.   I’m certain that I do.

For example; for a long time my species has been performing procedures on human bodies without their foreknowledge or consent.  From this ruling by the Human Supreme Being I’ve come to realize that humans consider such practice to be a serious personal violation.  (BTW our human experiments are also a biological imperative so “no” isn’t an option from everyone.)

Consequently I’ve just reported to my home world that:

Humans want to be treated with honour.

Recently I posted about the first half of the Prime Directive (L Law).  Treating human specimens with honour is inherent in the second half of the directive (aka The Law of One*):

..(love) thy brother AS (=) thyself.

The Prime Directive is is why I reported my recommendation to treat humans with honour to my home world.

And here’s what I’d like to report to humans for the same reason:

Everything wants to be treated with honour.




*The ideal of the Law of One is summarized in the phrase “That we may make manifest the love of God and Man.”   Edgar Cayce  254-42

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Divine Law

“Love God with all thy heart…”

Empathy with God puts human beings into perspective.  The following is a reading exercise for the purpose of making humans more conscious of, and synchronous with, God.

What’s it like to be God?


Divine Adjectives**

Abiding         ~          Absolute         ~          Abundant         ~          Accepting         ~          Acclaimed         ~          Active         ~          Actual         ~          Acute         ~          Adaptable         ~          Adept         ~          Admirable         ~          Admired         ~          Adorable         ~          Adored         ~          Adoring          ~          Advanced         ~          Advantageous         ~          Adventurous         ~          Advisable         ~          Aesthetic         ~          Affectionate         ~          Affective         ~          Affordable         ~          Ageless         ~          Airy         ~          Alert         ~          Alive         ~          All-important         ~       Altruistic         ~          Amazing         ~          Anointed         ~          Apodictic          ~          Apparent         ~          Appealing         ~          Applauded         ~          Appreciated          ~          Appreciative         ~          Appropriate         ~          Arresting         ~          Ascendant         ~          Assertive         ~          Associative         ~          Astounding         ~          Attentive         ~          Attractive         ~          Atypical/Typical         ~          August         ~          Auspicious         ~          Authentic         ~          Authoriative         ~          Autonomous         ~          Available         ~          Aware         ~          Awesome         ~          Axiological          ~          Axiomatic

(Humans shouldn’t really expect a short list – it’s God!)

Harmonic Voltage

The central form, above, is shaped like Walter Shauberger’s Tonal Tower – not yet available on Earth.


Balanced         ~          Beautiful         ~          Belonging         ~          Beloved         ~          Beneficial         ~          Beneficent         ~          Benevolent         ~          Benign         ~          Best         ~          Biggest         ~          Blameless         ~          Blessed         ~          Blissful         ~          Bold         ~       Bright         ~          Bulletproof          ~          Busy           ~


Calm         ~          Capable         ~          Captivating         ~          Carefree/Determined         ~          Caring         ~          Categorical         ~          Celebrated         ~          Celestial         ~          Central         ~          Close         ~          Charismatic         ~          Charmed          ~          Charming         ~          Clairvoyant         ~          Clear         ~          Climactic         ~          Coherent         ~          Colorful         ~          Colossal         ~          Comfortable         ~          Comforting         ~          Commendable         ~         Committed         ~          Compassionate         ~          Compatible         ~          Competent         ~         Completed         ~          Comprehensive         ~          Concise         ~          Concomitant         ~         Concordant         ~          Conducive         ~          Confident         ~          Congruent         ~          Congruous         ~          Conscientious         ~          Conscious         ~          Consecrated         ~          Considerable         ~          Consistent         ~          Consolidated         ~          Consonant         ~          Constant         ~          Constitutional         ~          Constitutive         ~          Constructive         ~          Consubstantial         ~          Contemplative         ~          Contemporary         ~          Content         ~         Contiguous         ~          Continuous         ~          Cool         ~          Cooperative         ~          Coordinated         ~          Copious         ~          Correlative         ~          Cosmic         ~          Credible         ~          Culminating         ~          Cultivating         ~          Curative         ~         Current  ~

Where's God3


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Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

The study and affect of NDEs has been growing significantly with Near Deathers now unafraid to speak up and nurses recognizing that the story isn’t hallucination.  Nationally they number up to 8% of the population.  These people are now organizing to bring God’s love, as experienced on the other side of the veil, to the material world – a global trend.

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 Near Death Pt. 1                      Near Death Pt. 2

Something for humans to bookmark for perusal on their tablets:

Science and the Near-Death Experience

“The other side (of the veil) is not all it is cracked up to be.  There’s a lot you can’t do on the other side.  There’s a perfect combination though.  A body without spirit is a wasteland and a spirit without a body is a wasteland.  And we are the perfect matrix of body and spirit.  With body and spirit, you can have it all.” – Melen Thomas Benedict




* If God is unthinkable then non-local quantum consciousness or “All that is” might work.

**The above list is is a subset of the Positive Adjective Glossary like Romantic Adjectives or Positive Business Adjectives.

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