Universal Laws

In the previous “First Contact” post I alluded to vibration affecting things remotely, in unseen ways as well as to universal physical laws (formulae) and societal laws such as altruism.  These are laws that work the same everywhere throughout the universe and enable life, and specifically biological entities, to thrive at their best when living and working in accord with them.

There are many more Universal Laws:

Everything Vibrates

Chladni Song

Colourful Chladni

More on Cymatics

Note that the shapes created have an organic appearance.  This could be formative ‘chamber’ music for cells or capillaries.

Is a particular buzz synced with a honeycomb hex?

“The Universe is singing and this frequency is what keeps every part of the Universe and every atom in its proper orbit.”   T. Henry Moray

The Shumann resonances are the Earth’s resonant frequencies from the planet’s magnetic field.  Their amplitudes (not frequency) have been increasing (getting louder) in correlation with global warming.  Hear here!  Is this the electromagnetic ecosystem reasserting itself against an unnatural temperature increase or is it just a facet of the increased frequency of lightning storms caused by global warming?   Aren’t lightning strikes archetypal symbols for an angry God?   Resulting forest fires just increase CO2 emissions accelerating more the runaway train of global warming.  Whatever the case the Schumann resonances are getting stronger and Earth physiologies are immersed in it.

People vibrate on moral frequencies.

Edgar Cayce’s Universal Laws

1. “Like begets like” is a great overriding law.

“This is the law, for like begets like; and you do not gather olives from thistles, neither apples from bramble bushes, neither do you find love in hate.”  [Edgar Cayce Reading 349-12]

“In the application of love is love begotten; in the application of hate is hate begotten.”  [Edgar Cayce Reading 347 -2]

2. Laws of increase a) As you sow, so shall you reap. b) The spirit of your actions multiplies the result.

“Use then what you have in hand [plant the seed]. For He will multiply it, some to ten, some to twenty, to some sixty, to some an hundredfold; dependent upon that purpose and that sincerity to which you may use that in hand.”  [Edgar Cayce Reading 1397-2]

This Positive Adjective Glossary has altruistic intent behind it and consequently generates a reasonable amount of revenue.

3. Laws of Attraction/Repulsion.

The most popular and sought-after universal law on Earth today is “Like attracts like“.  It’s subsidiary law is “As you seek, you attract and are attracted to that which will fulfill your search“.  And, conversely, “Opposites Repel” and “As you seek, you repel and are repelled by that which will not fulfill your search“.

A primary reason that this law is so popular is its use in  attracting wealth or “abundance” yet often what is attracted instead are the considerably less desirable qualities of greed, selfishness, or, in overzealous plaintive appeal – even lack.  Selfishness is the wrong spirit for its application.

In order to gain in ‘abundance’ one exercise, in accordance with this law, is to be extremely responsible with the limited amount of money that you’re given.  This can lead to more money to be responsible with.

This law applies to a great deal more than merely material ‘abundance’.  It suggests that if more friends are desired, for example, the requisite action would be to be friendly.

4.  The Master Law of Manifestation:  Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, the physical is the result. 

“Spirit is the First Cause. Mind is an effect, or an active force that partakes of the spiritual as well as the material.  Mind is an essence or a flow between Spirit and that which is made manifest materially.”  [Edgar Cayce Reading 262-163]

5. Power of Expectancy.  This is not a universal law but gives energy to creative power.
“…that you really expect you receive.” [Edgar Cayce Reading 3006-1]

Many more such Laws of Cause and Affect are elucidated in this book:

Kevin Todeschi on Vibration

  Coming Soon: Universal Energy Laws

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