First Contact

If at all, how one makes first contact, who with, and the message that one communicates are all important considerations for a new arrival on an inhabited planet.  These are particularly disconcerting considerations on a planet with established defenses on the dark side of their moon to prevent an imaginary Earth invasion fleet from staging an attack from there.

There’s a story by Earth author Kurt Vonnegut wherein a couple of ETs visit Earth and have trouble communicating because, on their home planet, interpersonal communication is accomplished via a sophisticated combination of tap dancing and farting.  Sadly, no matter how vigorously they apply themselves, they’re unable to make themselves understood and so must leave the sphere dejected with all their beneficence, vast knowledge and advanced technology unrequited.

Previous interstellar attempts at communication with Earth have been, of course, mathematical in form because math and physics are necessary universal constants that permeate all worlds.  This attempted ET communication has been repeatedly presented, to Earth, in the form of crop circles illustrating fundamental base-12 math.

Base 12 math is the math of (360 degree) cycles, spheres, time, and music (7 whole notes and 5 half notes in the pentatonic scale).   Unfortunately it wasn’t anticipated that Earth’s inhabitants would still be counting on their fingers and toes using base-10 math.  We don’t even know if they’ve broadly figured out yet that ET nonexistence is a mathematical impossibility.

Bobby Mcferrin on the pentatonic scale

There are established physical matrices that enable life everywhere to thrive most easily in harmony with natural forces.  These include the ubiquitous dynamic growth of the Fibonacci sequence, the beautiful elaborate eternity of fractals, the Toroidal energy pattern, and so on.  (Altruism too, is a necessary Universal Law for societies to thrive.)  We really admire the fractal arrangements of Earth’s trees and the Fibonacci sequences in their pine cones and the toroids in their fruit.  All this math and more has been presented to Earth via crop circles.

What has been the response to these elegantly simple, even beautiful, ET wheat field overtures?

Some responded by affixing ropes to planks and deploying them with their foot by stomping out nonsensical patterns in crops.  Others, the superior custodians of human values and disclosure, known by themselves to be more civilized and restrained in their emotional response than most, typically choose to blow any ET vehicles out of the sky and then analyze the pieces.

Between crop stomping and blowing things up Earth’s inhabitants have pretty much been putting on an exaggerated and clumsy exhibition of tremendous tap dancing and farting.

Under the circumstances perhaps a better media choice for first contact would be a musical overture of the some kind?  Music embodies base-12 math and desired harmonic vibrations.  Here’s historic archival footage of the discovery of music on Earth:

The earliest dueling drums around the camp fire led to cognizance that it was being heard, experienced, and interacted with by the greater environment and other communities.  This was the first earthly inkling that vibrations can touch others in remote and unseen ways.

Chief Dan George wrote a short story about the time when he told the story of The Wolf* to his young grandson.   When Chief Dan George had been a youngster, and his grandfather had related the story to him, at the end his grandfather had tilted his head back, cupped his hands around his mouth, and howled like a wolf.  Eventually, magically, one-by-one the wolves in the surrounding mountains would join in answering back in one great and powerful howling chorus.  The effect had been commanding, impressive, and moving.  When Chief Dan George told the story to his grandson, and howled into the air at the end, the effect was silence…  His grandson looked at him as if he was a crazy and returned to his video game.

This perspective, albeit more benign, is similar to the concern with regards to ET communications with Earth.

Note: The Wolf* is a creationist story to Chief Dan George’s wolf clan tribe which once thrived by Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet.  Most Vancouver residents are unaware of the many naked moonscapes that exist on the other side of visible mountains.  Having been deforested the soil from these mountains has completely eroded away leaving nothing but barren rock.  The trees visible from the Sea-to-Sky Highway are just a facade serving, pretty much, as a backdrop for a theatre set.

Terra-forming lesson:  Most species must venture far to learn to create an environment that supports life.  The people of British Columbia are fortunate to have created this opportunity right in their back yard.  An acidic and sticky growth medium, like spilled milk, would be good for implanting moss and lichens on their vast denuded mountainsides.  The moss would then be able to slowly gather wind-borne particles enough to start forming sufficient soil in which an eventual occasional shrub can grow.  In this manner this rain forest area could recover it’s former lush growth in, perhaps 1500 years instead of 2000.  Wolves might even return sooner.


Photograph courtesy of Pixdaus

The best communicative vibrations that cause maximum benefit to humans, and extend outward to others, are those that cause an influx of Serotonin.

Quotes from Earth doctors:

“We know, on the basis of biochemical studies and brain imaging studies, that the level of serotonin goes up in certain areas of the brain when people experience compassion and empathy for other people.”

“People who do volunteer work; compassionate empathic work in which they deeply care for someone else, have not only a sense of well being, often a sense of euphoria, but they get sick less.”                                                           – Dr. Larry Dossey

“Our research has shown that the same deep brain structures that are activated when you receive a reward like money or food are activated even more when we give to an organization that we support.”     Dr. Jordan Grafman, NIH

“Seratonin is a hormone that not only makes you happy it also increases your self esteem.”  – Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Whether it is something that we do or something that we observe it’s very difficult to remain indifferent to an act of kindness.”  – Tal Ben-Shahar Phd.


In the interest of broadcasting vibrations that are best for every living entity in the vicinity, as a first step in interpersonal communication with Earth’s inhabitants, I’ll make a hand gesture towards them cupping my hands together in front of me suggesting symbolic giving. (At a deeper level this symbolizes the offering of my heart).

My Hands

 “My designation is UNIR1”